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  1. “Eating 6 small meals throughout the day speeds up your metabolism.”

At the end of the day it is all the same, no matter how your meals are split. It’s all pretty much the same. It IS possible that you will see small differences with this method. For example, if you are trying to build muscle, eating before and after the gym can help. . While eating throughout the day can help you gain muscle, research shows it doesn’t make a drastic difference. Whatever is easiest for your day to day life is what you should be doing. There is no need to stress about how many meals a day you should be eating, as long as you are getting the calories you need each day without overeating or undereating.


  1. “Carbs make you fat.”

This is a common one. Carbs do spike insulin the most and that's why people think they ALWAYS make you gain weight. But if you are eating just protein and fat, you can still gain weight with no carbs in your diet. If you are overeating, regardless of what you’re earing, you will gain weight, even without carbs. One thing to keep in mind is how carbs make you feel. If they make you feel uneasy and mess with your digestion, that can be harmful to your body. That’s when you should be careful with eating too many carbs. YES, it’s ok to eat carbs, but we always recommend prioritizing protein above carbs. Calories=Energy, just make sure you get those calories in! Carbs alone do NOT make you gain weight; too many calories make you gain weight. Obviously, it’s better to eat protein after a workout than carbs but it’s not just about what you eat after the gym, it’s about what you eat throughout the day and how many calories you consume. Eat your carbs but make sure there’s a balance.

  1. “Late night eating makes you fat.”

Your body can’t tell what time of day it is, so the real answer is no, that’s not true. If you're in a calorie deficit at the end of your 24 hours, you will lose weight. However, a more in depth answer is that: this one is different for everyone. For most people, eating a lot of food before bed doesn’t make them feel good. When you sleep, your body uses a lot of energy, but when you digest food, your body sends blood to your stomach, which heats it up, and no one likes to be hot when they sleep.  This can make you have bad dreams and you might not get the deep sleep you need.. Side note: if you don't get quality sleep it's harder to gain muscle. Josh and Sarah Bowmar recommend not eating for about 2 hours before you go to sleep, but this doesn't mean you can’t eat at night! Something that helps Josh and Sarah is taking a fiber supplement so they don't have as many cravings. But no- late-night eating by itself doesn’t make you gain weight.

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