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5 Pitfalls of Dieting with Josh and Sarah Bowmar:

5 Pitfalls of Dieting with Josh and Sarah Bowmar:

  1. Hidden Calories:

A lot of people don't know how many calories are in things like dressings and coffee creamers. Josh and Sarah Bowmar recommend always getting dressing on the side and dipping your fork in the dressing before each bite. You will be surprised at how much dressing is left. Another tip Josh and Sarah have is adding protein into your coffee. Bowmar Nutrition offersprotein powders with a low carb count and high protein and many delicious flavors. This is a way better alternative to coffee creamers and sugars. Side note: creamers break your fasts.

   2. Drinking Your Calories:

Some people don’t think about the calories in their drinks because they are drinking them and not eating them, even though it is the exact same thing. Some juices, teas, smoothies, coffees, etc. have a lot of sugar in them. Be mindful of the sugary drinks. The protein powder again is a great alternative. Sarah Bowmar says there is nothing wrong with a diet Coke every once and a while if you crave drinks like this often. 

   3.Eating Carbs and Fats Together:

When trying to lose fat, you should avoid this at all costs. If you eat sugar or carbs your insulin spikes, which means your cells open and are ready to absorb. That means the fat gets stored way easier and that’s not good.

   4. Weekend Warriors:

This is when you have a very structured diet and routine Monday-Friday. Then on the weekends you stop that routine. When you go out and eat whatever you want, this could wipe out 4-5 days of your hard work. This means you might not see very many results. This doesn't mean you can’t have fun and go out, though. Josh and Sarah Bowmar recommend making a game plan before going out. You can intermittently fast before a planned meal out. Using this method makes it harder to eat more than your daily consumption goal.This isn’t the best thing to practice regularly,, but it can help with not gaining fat. You can also alternate your meals anywhere you go to make them healthier.

   5. Alcohol:

Alcohol has over 7 calories per gram, and fat is at 9. It is also terrible on your liver. Your body is trying to process the alcohol because it thinks it’s poison. If you eat while drinking, your body will not be breaking down that food in your stomach very easily. It is likely to be stored as body fat. Your body prioritizes the alcohol over the food since it thinks it needs to get rid of it. You are getting 7 calories per gram and your body is storing your food as fat. If you do eat, you want to eat things that are easily digested to help mitigate the effects. If you want to enjoy your alcohol add it into your macros.

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