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All The Different Ways to Use Collagen Peptides:

All The Different Ways to Use Collagen Peptides:

There are numerous ways to use Bowmar Nutrition's Collagen Peptides and we are going to go over them in this blog. Maybe you will even find a new way to use your Collagen Peptides, read below to find out:

One of the most popular ways to use our Collagen Peptides is in a cup of coffee, it is so convenient, easy to mix and you don’t even taste a difference! Just make your normal cup of coffee, add your regular ingredients but just add one scoop of collagen and mix with a hand mixer or our Rapid Mixer!

Another popular way to use our Collagen Peptides by adding a scoop into your everyday smoothies or protein shakes. This is great because it won't make a difference in the taste and it is so easy to mix, just add a scoop and blend regularly. When you add Collagen into your protein shake it just gives you extra protein, which can be great depending on your goals and it is so convenient and simple! Our Collagen can be easily added and mixed into any hot or cold liquid. 

Bowmar Nutritions Collagen Peptides can be added to a variety of things because it is odorless and tasteless which means you can add it to pretty much anything and not notice. This is perfect for you if you make coffee, smoothies or shakes every morning, since it is just one extra step. If you have a favorite drink or supplement that you have everyday, this could be the perfect way for you to add Collagen to it.

Collagen Peptides can be added with our other supplements such as, Immunity Support, Greens and Essentials. Just add a scoop, use a Rapid Mixer and it is just that simple! 

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December 28, 2021

I mix the collagen peptides along with Bowmar whey protein in my overnight oats! Works perfectly 😊

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