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Bowmar Nutrition now offers Doggy Bone Broth that is 100% Beef Powder! Formulated for adult dogs, per veterinarian approval.  This product is only ONE ingredient, just like our human collagen.We test our Doggy Bone Broth just the same as we test all our human products.

What are the benefits of Bowmar Nutrition Doggy Bone Broth?

Our Doggy Bone Broth Provides support for joints and digestion as well as improving skin! It also helps with coat health and leaves their coat shiny and soft! Beef bone broth also helps support overall immunity and absorption as well as a natural source of trace minerals and amino acids.

How to use Bowmar Nutrition Doggy Bone Broth:

Doggy Bone Broth can be added to just water and we recommend mixing it with the rapid mixer or you can use a spoon to mix it into wet food. You can also mix and freeze in ice cube trays for a treat!

We recommend using the Bowmar Nutrition rapid mixer to mix into water or a spoon to mix into wet food. You can also mix and freeze in ice cube trays for a treat or training. You can even put dry powder on top of the dog food.

Dosing and sizing chart included on the back of the bottle. Dosage info is based on your pets weight! The scoop is 11g so the smallest dog would have enough servings for 344 days and the largest dog would have enough servings for 21 days. We have provided ranges based on veterinary data and recommendations for serving sizes.

For the cat owners, please confirm with your vet! The same dosage would apply if approved.

Our favorite part of this whole thing is that for every tub sold, we are donating 5 meals to shelter animals. Additionally, we will be featuring animals for adoption across the country, funding Amazon shelter wish lists, and so much more!

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