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What can you have during a fast?

  • Water
  • Black Coffee (can help you feel full)
  • Tea

If you're doing it for the longer fast for cellular benefits, stick to only those 3 things. If you're doing it for better body composition, you can be a little more lenient. Some people have Bowmar Nutrition PRE, Bowmar Nutrition Greens or just liquids with 0 calories.

How to break a fast?

Your body will be sensitive, so you have to choose carefully what you're going to eat. Do not eat carbs! Your body will be programmed to use carbs for energy which is BAD! Sarah and Josh Bowmar Recommend bone broth, Bowmar Nutrition’s Collagen Peptides, Bowmar Nutrition’s Fiber, chicken breasts, red meat or eggs. Eat fats, not fats and carbs together! Give yourself some time after you eat - about an hour or so - until you have a full meal, just so your body can get used to it. Be careful not to have too many supplements on an empty stomach because it can make it upset. Wait until you're in your fed state to take them unless you’re using the Collagen or Fiber to break your fast.

When should I work out if I'm intermittent fasting?

Josh and Sarah Bowmar recommended, if it is possible, a great time to work out is right when you wake up! You will be in a fasted state so your body is using the energy and food from the day before, which can give you an energy boost. It's also great because your food is digested and your body is ready to go! If you workout in your fed state, make sure you let your food digest!


If you are glucose dependent, meaning you eat a lot of carbs and that's what your body is used to everyday, then it might be a little harder to get used to fasting because your body is relying on fat. It isn't impossible though. We suggest starting at a shorter fast length and building your way up. Lastly, there is no need to worry about slipping up. It doesn't mess up all the progress you've made while fasting. You can get right back to it the next day and it will be okay. Fasting isn't for everyone but it is great to at least try it out.

To hear more from Josh and Sarah BowmarCLICK HERE to listen to their podcast.

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