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How can I stay motivated once I’m in the gym?

Once you make it to the gym, here are Sarah and Josh Bowmar’s tips for maintaining motivation: 

Progression photos can be SO motivating. Taking them every few weeks and looking to see how much you've changed can be really encouraging. You can even have your progress photos set as your lock screen. Or, print them out and put them somewhere you’ll see every day.

Most importantly, make going to the gym a part of your routine. Once working out becomes a habit, it becomes so much easier to stick to and you will be less likely to want to stop going. Keep in mind that, YOU DON'T NEED TO GO EVERY DAY, especially when starting out. Try going 3 days a week, then you can work your way up if you want and go up to 4 days then 5 days. Another way to make it easier to go to the gym is finding a time that you will enjoy. Maybe you like the crowd in the evening, maybe you like to go at lunch, or maybe you like to go early in the morning to kick the day off. Do what makes you most comfortable!

Josh and Sarah Bowmar recommend going to the gym in the morning, before work, and before starting your day. The reason is that if you get it done right away, you don't have to worry about it the rest of the day. They think this is a great idea for beginners at the gym or anyone that is trying to stay motivated because if you don't go in the morning, you might be thinking about it all day and dreading it. Of course, this won’t last forever because you will probably start to look forward to going to the gym once you make it a part of your routine, start seeing results and recognize the way it makes you feel.

Let’s say for some reason you can’t get to a gym. Maybe you have kids, you don’t live near a gym, etc.. You can even buy a treadmill/bike, maybe some weights and work out from home. If you hate working out, try watching your favorite show, reading your favorite book, all while exercising at home. If you don’t want to buy anything, that's fine, Youtube offers millions of free full workouts. Working out from home can be awesome!

A few extra tips you can try are: maybe try and book yourself a trip or photoshoot to push yourself to feel good for either of those. Since you're putting money into it, these options might just motivate you. Also, the more you tell people, the more motivated you are because you have to hold yourself accountable. You could try having a gym buddy so you don’t have to do it alone. Another great tip to staying motivated is, try holding yourself accountable and go for 2 weeks. See how that makes you feel. Even just going to the gym to get those dopamine releases will 100% help you start enjoying working out because of how good you feel afterwards.

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