Meet the Creator of Blueberry Lemonade Immunity

Meet the Creator of Blueberry Lemonade Immunity

Meet Kelly:

Hi 👋🏼I’m Kelly! I'm married to my high school sweetheart and just got promoted to the best job ever in June when our baby girl made her arrival! Not only do we have our hands full with baby Emerson and our fur babies, but we also launched our candy company, Worth It Candy last November 🎉Yes, you read that right… a candy company! As someone who used to compete in bikini competitions and was constantly going from one extreme to another, I became super passionate about living a more balanced lifestyle. Just because I love health and fitness doesn’t mean I should deprive myself of the little things in life that I love….sweets 🤤

How did you start your health and wellness/fitness journey?

I grew up participating in sports all throughout school and missed the competitive aspect of them once I got to college. I was working at lululemon and was inspired by one of my coworkers to try out a bikini competition. I fell in love with lifting weights instead of focusing on being the smallest version of myself. I competed in 4 bikini completions and then realized going to that extreme wasn’t for me. Since then I’ve focused on incorporating fitness into my life instead of working life into my fitness goals!

How long have you been an athlete with us?

Since 2019

What was the first product you ever tried?

Protein hot chocolate! 🤤

What made you decide to do the product and flavor you chose?

Blueberry lemonade flavored anything is always my favorite! The sweet and tart combination makes for a perfectly refreshing drink every time! Then add in the benefits of getting immune support… I mean, come on! I have taken immunity every day since Bowmar launched it, so making the decision to create that product was a no brainer.

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what three products would you bring?!

Collagen, blueberry lemonade immunity, and meat sticks.

Kelly’s Product:

Blueberry Lemonade Immunity

We hope after learning more about Kelly you think she’s just as amazing as we do. We highly suggest giving her tasty product a try, and if you do, please let us know what you think! Customer feedback is important to us.


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