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“The Energy Drink”: Mixing Greens and Sharp Nootropics is the energy boost combo! Bowmar Nutrition’s Greens have raw energy and Sharp improves your focus. It can be a coffee replacement in the morning or a great ‘pick me up’ throughout the day!

Immunity Boost Combo: The combo of Bowmar Nutrition’s Greens and Immunity Support will help support the immune system and help prevent you from getting sick as often especially in the fall and winter. This is the best mix to take during cold and flu season, as it's great for keeping your overall health in check. It's also a good start to your morning!

The Ultimate Pump: Bowmar Nutrition’s Pre Workout and CitraPeakCapsules are one of the best duos! This is great for making sure you are ready for the best workout. Our CitraPeak Capsules are great for an extra pump, and you can mix any of the pre workouts to build your perfect PRE. Example: You can take Stimulant PRE for the energy boost and take the CitraPeak Capsule for double the pump. If you don't like the stimulant PRE, you can take Stim Free PRE and a CitraPeak Capsule to get double the pump without the tingles that you may feel with the stimulant PRE!

Extra Protein Combo: Just mix Bowmar Nutrition Collagen Peptides and Protein Powder (Whey, Vegan or Dairy Free)! Collagen is a great addition to Protein Powder. Not only does it have many benefits and extra protein but it’s also flavorless so you can’t even tell it’s there! This is a great way to get the benefit of both of these supplements at the same time. You can even add them both to your morning coffee!

Extra Pre Workout: Mixing Creatine and Pre Workout is a perfect combo because creatine works best when it's taken everyday. By mixing the two, it makes it easier to remember! Creatine is flavorless so it can go with any PRE. Itincreases your muscle strength and muscle endurance, and PRE is great for enhancing your performance and giving you a great pump!

Protein Filled Dessert: Mug Cakes and Bowmar Protein Frosting are a perfect match for a delicious protein filled combo. Bowmar offers Cinnamon Roll and Chocolate Mug Cakes, as well as Cream Cheese and Confetti Cake Protein Frostings. It's great to see how well these two match up to satisfy your sweet tooth while giving you the nutrition you need.. We also recommend spreading Confetti Protein frosting on the chocolate Mug Cake and the Cream Cheese Protein frosting on the Cinnamon Roll Mug cake.

Best Muscle Duo: Pre Workoutand Essentials pair very well together for regular use as an easy way to get your essential nutrients in every day. Essentials can start the recovery process and Pre gets your muscles ready for a great workout, and give you the pump you need during your workout.

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