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  1. “Women should or should not train differently than men” 
  2. “Women shouldn't lift heavy weights because they will get bulky”

Men and women have completely different bodies, obviously. First of all, men have a lot of testosterone, which is in charge of building muscle. The more testosterone the more muscle you can build. Some women have more testosterone than other women, which means it can be easier to build muscle for some and harder for others.This is why you should not compare yourself to others. For most women it’s a very slow process to build a lot of muscle and some women are scared of becoming bulky. You don’t just become bulky overnight, soif you don't want your arms and legs to get more muscular then just stop lifting them! Do not fear weights because you are scared of getting bulky. Try some heavy weights. If you want a lean and fit physique you need to lift heavy weights. Heavy weights: weight you can do no more than 8-10 reps, if you can do more than 10 it’s not heavy enough. Women and Men can train the exact same way, but your bodies will react differently.

    3. “You shouldn't do cardio if you're trying to build muscle.”

Building muscle takes a long time. Cardio is great for so many reasons, including keeping your heart, lungs and circulatory system healthy. Cardio can be done when you’re cutting, maintaining or bulking. It helps with recovery and makes you more insulin sensitive which helps you build muscle. Of course if you are trying to cut, you might need more intense cardio compared to what you need you are trying to bulk. You should always incorporate cardio into your routine, at least for getting your heart rate up!

   4.  “You have to confuse your muscle in order for it to grow.”

Yes, there is some truth to this so it’s not necessarily a myth. The more tension the more growth. Confusing your muscle is doing different planes of motion. For example: if you do an overhead squat, that might be insanely hard for you and you don't know why because you can back squat a lot more weight. Your body has to do a lot more because it's not used to that workout. So basically your body is “confused”. Though, this is not necessary for building muscle, but it can make you a better athlete and help you with other lifts. Obviously if you do workouts you aren't used to you will be more sore than usual.

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