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My Thoughts on Melt:

My Thoughts on Melt:

Hey Bowmar family! 

Quick bio about me- I’ve been invested in fitness since 2019 and started exercising as a way to heal from my disordered eating. I found Bowmar in August 2020 and have been hooked ever since! 

If you know anything about Bowmar, you know they live and breathe quality&transparency like nobody's business! When I heard they were making a fat burner, I was definitely skeptical, but I knew it must be legit if it was coming from them! 

With the recent launch of Jelly bean in stim & non stim as well as blue razz and fruit punch in non stim, I wanted to break down the benefits I’ve seen using MELT as well as my experience, favorite flavor, etc. 

The 2 things you need to know about MELT before taking it- it is only meant to be taken in a calorie deficit (burning more than you consume) and it is not necessary for fat loss (it certainly helps though) 

The first thing I noticed when taking MELT for the first time was how much more I was sweating in my workouts! I have found that remaining as hydrated as possible helps with that. The increase in sweating is due to an elevated heart rate, so Bowmar recommends starting with 1 scoop to assess your tolerance. 

The other primary effect I noticed was appetite regulation. I have never been a ravenously hungry person, but I found myself thinking about my next meal quite often before taking MELT. With 2 scoops, I quickly stopped anticipating my next meal and I have found it much easier to remain in a deficit without feeling deprived! 

Finally, I’ve been able to sit in a more moderate deficit and still see results because MELT enhances the fat loss a normal cut would yield. This also means my metabolism will not be damaged from cutting too hard too fast. Longevity is the name of the game with fitness and MELT allows my body to function the way it should while still reaching my goals. 

As far as flavors are concerned, Jelly bean is hands down my favorite! Below are my personal flavor comparisons

Jelly bean- pink starburst

Blue razz- blue ICEE

Fruit punch- Welch’s fruit punch juice 

All non stim versions are slightly sweeter due to absence of caffeine!

Fat burners are not magic, and even MELT alone can not do the work for you. However- taking MELT during my cut has: given me freedom to not be so consumed by my next meal, kept my energy up, gave me a tool for fat loss like no other, and has proved yet again that Bowmar truly does it best! 

Instagram: @_faithmfit 

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