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New Customer Kit Breakdown:

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New Customer Kit Breakdown:

Thank you for your interest in Bowmar Nutrition! We understand that supplements can be overwhelming. So, to help you learn more about the products included in this kit, we will share what each product is, how they work, the benefits, and when/how to take them. We cannot wait for you to try our products!


PRE Workout Stim: Our PRE contains the top 10 ingredients clinically proven to promote better blood flow, maximize the pump, increase muscle endurance, and improve concentration. These ingredients work together to provide the best possible workout experience! There’s an option for everyone as we offer both non-stimulant and stimulant based formulas. With our quick release formula, PRE should be consumed 15-30 minutes prior to working out.


PRE Workout Non-Stim: Our non-stim PRE provides all the same benefits as the stim PRE, but there are several ingredients that are not included in the non-stim formula such as caffeine, other stimulants, and a few vitamins. For a full breakdown, click  here. If you are caffeine/stimulant sensitive, workout at night, or want to consume your caffeine elsewhere, we suggest our non-stim PRE. It, too, should be consumed 15-30 minutes prior to working out. 


*One sample pack contains two scoops of PRE. You can mix one or two scoops prior to working out, but do not consume more than two scoops per day.*

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SHARP Stim: Think of SHARP as food for your brain. It’s a powerful nootropic (cognitive enhancer) that works with your natural brain chemistry to provide a heightened sense of well being, improve mental focus and clarity, enhance concentration, and support healthy brain function. This product is to help short term and can be taken any time of day; however, since there is caffeine in the stim version we advise being mindful of how late in the day you take it. We do offer a non-stim version that does not contain caffeine.


SHARP Non-Stim: The only difference between our non-stim and stim SHARP is our non-stim version does NOT contain caffeine. Otherwise, they both have the same incredible benefits! If you are sensitive to caffeine, enjoy getting your caffeine from other sources, or are needing to focus later in the day/at night, our non-stim based SHARP is perfect for you. You’ll get all the amazing benefits a nootropic has to offer without the caffeine! It, too, can be taken any time of day.


For a full breakdown on our Sharp Nootropics, click  here

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MELT Stim: When paired with a calorie deficit (which means you are consuming less calories than you are burning), this product is effective with fat loss and body recomposition as the ingredients work synergistically with one another. MELT stimulates your body’s fat cell receptors and boosts your metabolism, which promotes an increased level of fat burning, prevents the production of new fat, and curbs your appetite and food cravings. In turn, limiting calorie absorption, improving your mood, and providing a natural boost of energy. There is no “better” time to take MELT. You can take it in the morning, before your workout, after your workout, during your cardio, with lunch, etc. Take it whenever it works best for you, but we do recommend being mindful of how late in the day you take the stim version since it does contain caffeine.


MELT Non-Stim:  Our non-stim MELT will provide the same amazing benefits and results as the stim version except we removed the following ingredients: caffeine, bitter orange, theobromine, zinc citrate, selenium, vitamin E, and rauwolfia root extract.These ingredients were no longer needed after the removal of caffeine. In place, we added citrapeak and ferulic acid to the non-stim formula. Citrapeak has been proven to reduce hyperglycemia (high blood glucose / blood sugar), which can significantly reduce cravings, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, and LDL cholesterol. Ferulic Acid helps lower body weight and visceral fat accumulation. Again, there is no “better” time to take MELT – it can be consumed any time of day. 


*One sample pack contains two scoops of MELT. We suggest starting off with one scoop to see how your body responds. The amount will vary from person to person.*


For a full breakdown on MELT, click  here

LINK TO ORDER - 6 Flavors Available 


Protein Samples: Protein is the building block of life as every cell within the human body contains it. In order to keep your body healthy and functioning the way it should, you need to be consuming an ample amount (this amount varies from person to person as everyone is different and their needs change depending on weight, height, age, goals, etc. - click  here to determine what your protein intake should be). Our protein powder is designed to aid or “supplement” your diet to ensure you’re meeting this need. It’s a processed/manufactured form of protein that can come in numerous bases such as whey, egg, or pea. It can be used as a meal replacement to help maintain a calorie deficit and boost your metabolism. It can also help curb sugar and junk food cravings since it will keep you feeling full longer. Our protein powders are a cost effective way to ensure you’re consuming all the protein your body needs and can be consumed any time of day. We offer whey, vegan, and dairy-free (egg based) proteins. We also offer other high protein products such as our APEX  meat sticks and  biltong,  protein  bars,  nut spreads, and  mug cakes

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Protein Bar: As mentioned above, protein is the building block of life and is a crucial nutrient in your diet. Our protein bars are a great way to increase your protein intake while also ensuring your body is getting what it needs. They can be used as a meal replacement, pre-bedtime snack if you have a sweet tooth, post workout treat, easy travel eat, or anything in between. They are the perfect on-the-go high-protein snack!

LINK TO ORDER - 5 Flavors Available 


Collagen Peptides: This protein is the most abundant in the human body and is a major component of your connective tissues (bone, skin, cartilage, etc). Its healing properties support skin, hair, nail, joint, bone, and tendon health in numerous ways. It can make your skin appear more youthful and radiant, bring back the elasticity of your skin, speed up the healing process of scratches, cuts, and burns, and improve acne, rosacea, eczema, rashes, etc. It also supports flexibility and mobility, relieves joint pain, and improves the growth and repair of cartilage tissue. Our bodies naturally produce collagen, but as we age we produce less. That is why it is important to make sure we are getting enough collagen in our diets. Our single ingredient collagen can be consumed any time of day. We recommend pairing it with our greens and immunity for the ultimate clear skin cocktail.



Greens:  This supplement is packed full of all the extra nutrients that you need for maintaining a healthy immune system, improving gut health, and supporting your overall health and wellness. It can also brighten dull skin and purge dead skin cells. Our greens contain leafy green vegetables, fruits, fiber, algaes, and other vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants crucial for many essential functions within the body. It can be consumed any time of day and mixed with virtually any other product. We suggest mixing it with our greens and collagen; however, we have seen many customers enjoy pairing it with SHARP!

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Immunity Support: Staying healthy is more essential than ever. Immunity Support contains important vitamins and minerals to help fight off colds, improve your gut health, and keep your immune system in check. It is packed full of Vitamin A, B6, C, D, E, Biotin, Magnesium, Zinc, and Manganese. It can be consumed any time of day and mixed with any other product. We enjoy mixing it with our greens and collagen- the clear skin cocktail!

 LINK TO ORDER - 3 Flavors Available 


CSC:  The Clear Skin Cocktail. A convenient packet that contains one serving of collagen, one serving of immunity, and one serving of greens. The benefits of each are listed above with the respective product. The CSC packets are unflavored and pair great with an essential, REPLENISH, or SHARP flavor! It can also be enjoyed in a smoothie or juice. There’s no optimal time to consume the CSC packets – whenever works best for you!



SLEEP: Our deep sleep formula includes ingredients such as zinc and magnesium that will help you fall asleep faster, get a deeper quality sleep, and leave you feeling refreshed and restored when you wake up. Sleep is crucial for the human body to function properly. It recharges your body and mind to make sure you feel great throughout the day, improves your cognitive function, boosts your immune system, and so much more. Poor sleep can affect emotions and social interactions. It also means less energy and less energy means nothing can get done properly. We recommend taking one scoop 30 minutes prior to going to bed for optimal results. 

LINK TO ORDER - 2 Flavors Available 


REPLENISH: This is our hydration product that is formulated to replenish electrolytes lost in daily activity. Electrolytes are crucial for maintaining many functions of the body, such as regulating blood pressure and pH balances. Our bodies cannot make electrolytes on their own, so we have to get them from food/drink sources. REPLENISH will ensure you’re getting all the electrolytes you need to stay hydrated throughout the day which will help reduce muscle spasms and cramps, enhance your workout performance, improve your energy levels, and decrease excess water weight. It can be taken before, after or during your workout or you can drink it throughout the day.

LINK TO ORDER - 4 Flavors Available 


Essentials: Our Essentials contain all nine of the essential amino acids, which improve muscle recovery, optimize your overall health, and complete protein synthesis. These nine amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are essential as the body cannot produce them on its own; they must be ingested through supplements/food. This full spectrum product can be enjoyed any time of day, but most prefer to consume it during or after their workout to promote muscle recovery and reduce muscle soreness.

LINK TO ORDER - 8 Flavors Available 

We look forward to hearing what you think of our products! If you have any additional questions or comments, please email  support@bowmarshop.com and we would be happy to assist you.

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