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Bowmar Nutrition Replenish Electrolyte Hydration and Recovery:

What are electrolytes good for?

The electrolytes found in our Bowmar Nutrition “Replenish” supplement are crucial for maintaining many functions of the body and they have many benefits! They can help regulate your blood pressure, pH balances, and reduce muscle cramps and spasms. Replenish keeps you hydrated, which can help with fatigue throughout the day and you will be less likely to hold excess water. Electrolytes also help your body produce energy and they improve exercise performance, which can be very beneficial in the gym. If you enjoy long workouts (about 1 ½ hours or more), or working out in the heat, getting extra electrolytes is important for your body because we sweat out electrolytes. You can take Replenish before, after or during a workout, or you can drink it throughout the day. Some say to take it before and during your workout, but you can enjoy Replenish all day long. No matter when you take it, getting in those electrolytes is always important and you will love the refreshing flavor of cucumber mint! Replenish can also be helpful when you are feeling under the weather. When you are sick, you can become dehydrated and feel drained. Electrolytes are great for that as well! This product comes in singles and packs of 30!



- Improves your energy levels

- Can reduce fatigue

- Enhances your workout performance (this product is very beneficial for anyone that enjoy's longer workouts or working out in heat since our sweat contains electrolytes, this means you are constantly losing them)

-Regulates your blood pressure and pH balances

-You are less likely to hold excess water

- Reduces muscle cramps and spasms


Replenish Nutrition FAQS:

15 Calories

4g Total Carbohydrates

2g Fiber

Ingredients for Bowmar Nutrition Replenish:

Vitamin C: Boosts your immune system, supports skin, bone health, and blood vessels. It’s also one of the safest vitamins out there!

Magnesium: A mineral that supports the immune system, muscle and nerve function, and lower blood pressure. It may even improve exercise performance and better your mood.

Zinc: A mineral that improves immune system function, maintains healthy skin, and may improve your memory and focus.

Selenium: Acts like an antioxidant and prevents cell damage, boosts the immune system, and it may reduce asthma symptoms. 

Manganese: A mineral that is crucial for the human body. It may improve digestive system, bone health, and brain function.

Chromium: A mineral that may help control your blood pressure and reduce cravings.

Sodium (Pink Himalayan Sea Salt): Supports muscle contraction, prevents dehydration, and prevents low blood pressure. 

Potassium: Supports bone and muscle health. It also helps lower blood pressure. 

Boron: May improve cognitive function, and supports muscle growth and muscle coordination.

Other ingredients: Organic Tapioca Fiber, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Natural Flavor, Silicon Dioxide and Steviol Glycosides.


Of course, our Bowmar Nutrition labels are 100% accurate with no blends. We list all ingredients with all dosages and we also use clinical dosages of all ingredients.

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