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With the expansion of products through our companies Bowmar Nutrition and Natural Science Creation, I decided to make a cheat sheet of when I take the products that we offer! We also take supplements that we have no affiliation with that I have included and linked below if you want to order and use! Additionally, I have linked various other blogs of mine regarding supplements if you would like more information on a particular supplement or if you are wondering which supplements are right for you!

Morning before breakfast:
1 scoop fiber

Morning with food (or protein shake, depending on the day):
1 packet lifepak nano

Throughout the day:
1-2 scoops protein hot chocolate or protein birthday cake (for meals)
1 scoop greens (best during the morning/early afternoon but great all day for natural energy)
2 scoops (1 serving) collagen
1 additional packet lifepak nano (typically with meal 3 or 4)

Pre workout (all mixed together):
1 scoop pump infusion (non-stimulant)
1 scoop stimulant based pre workout, here are my favorites: cherrywatermelonfruit punch
1 scoop l-glutamine

Intra workout:
1 scoop BCAAs

Post workout:
1 scoop protein hot chocolate or protein birthday cake

TRT pill (during “on” days/weeks)

Various, non daily products:


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