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Small habits that will change your life with Bowmar Nutrition:

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Small habits that will change your life with Bowmar Nutrition:

The smallest habits can change your whole life! You don't have to start with all of these. Just pick one or a few and try them out to see if they work with your everyday life. Read below to see if there are any habits you are able to develop:

1.DRINK PLENTY OF WATER: (91oz-125oz)

We at Bowmar Nutrition cannot say this enough. Drink your water! We should be drinking about 91oz-125oz, this will change your whole day if you drink enough water. It can increase your mood and energy, help with your skin, hair and nails. Being hydrated is so important, as water helps carry oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. Having plenty of water helps your digestive system run smoothly, and also stabilizes your blood sugar and heart beat. Water is very important!

2.Do NOT Purchase Junk Food:

This is a hard habit to break for many people. A great trick we use at Bowmar Nutrition is to start by only buying foods that make you feel good. That being said, there are many healthy foods that also taste amazing. If you know you are going to feel guilty about eating something, don’t buy it at all. Out of sight out of mind is our motto! This can help tremendously with eating less junk food.

3.Get Enough Sleep:

We believe at Bowmar Nutrition that getting enough sleep can change the whole game. This is so important for your body, especially if you are wanting to reach your fitness goals! Sleeping can help with getting sick less often, maintain a healthy weight and prevent weight gain. It can even help with better focus in work or school or just through your day! Sleep also increases your energy levels, mood and exercise performance!

4.Don’t be hard on yourself:

This can make your health and fitness journey difficult. Understand that everyone makes mistakes and it is 100% okay to slip up sometimes. If you miss the gym one day or eat something you feel “guilty” about, don’t beat yourself up. Move on and try harder the next day. The world isn’t going to end if you mess up a few times. Learn from your mistakes and keep moving!

Let’s dive into even more habits that you can add to your life! Read on for more of Bowmar Nutrition’s small habits that can change your life:


5. Fasted Workouts:

This is a really effective way to lose weight or can even be good for cutting! If your main goal is to gain weight, this might not be the best thing for you. Fasted workouts are best when you workout early in the morning, since you probably haven't eaten since dinner the day before. This means you're in a fasted state. Being in a fasted state helps you burn more fat because you do not have new food to burn.


6. Protein in your Breakfast:

Having protein in the morning has many benefits. First, it keeps you more full throughout the day. It can help stabilize your energy levels and keep your mood up since you won't be as hungry throughout the day because it will keep you fuller for longer. Consuming protein in the morning is good for weight loss since you won't have as many cravings. This can also help increase your performance in the gym! If you need help with getting your morning protein, Bowmar Nutrition has a lot of great options for you!


7. Move your body every day for at least 30 mins:

If you don’t already do this, this will completely change your life! Even if it’s not going to the gym, you can go on a walk, run, hike, climb, etc. At Bowmar Nutrition, we believe moving your body has so many benefits. It lifts your mood and energy, helps maintain a healthy body, and keeps your bones and muscles healthy. Exercise in any form keeps everything moving through your body a little smoother. It can help you get to sleep and stay asleep better throughout the night and supports healthy brain function. It can even help with joint and muscle pain. Moving your body is SO important!


8. Treat yourself:

Just because you have goals doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy things! You should always be able to treat yourself. Have that cheat meal you love so much, have a dessert, go out with your friends, enjoy yourself! As long as you are keeping it healthy MOST of time you should always treat yourself, this will help you keep a healthy relationship with food and fitness. Bowmar Nutrition even has many supplements and solutions that can help you feel good, while also feel like you’re “cheating.”

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