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Packing tips:

Josh and Sarah Bowmar recommend packing your everyday supplements and vitamins to stay on top of your goals. You can bring all of your powdered supplements on your flights. You can even bring your tubs with you. Or, to make it more convenient you can bring the powders in zip lock bags. Bowmar Nutrition also offers shaker bottles with attachments that you can put any powdered supplements in. If you know how much you take every day, it would be easy to measure it out into bags for the amount of time you will be on vacation. This method makes it so much easier to pack your suitcase, giving you more storage and saving money and weight.. Bowmar Nutrition even has sample packs that might be more convenient for you. Sometimes they will have to check your powders at security, but this really only takes about 3-5 minutes. You can even bring all your vitamin pills! You do not have to worry about bringing your Bowmar Nutrition supplements in their original containers, you just can’t bring any types of butters on the plane. Another great tip that Josh and Sarah Bowmar recommend is bringing snacks like protein bars or any other healthy snack you want to bring. Another PSA: if you are traveling out of the country, you can bring a checked bag and put all your supplements in there.

Airport tips:

Josh and Sarah Bowmar like to do intermittent fasting during their flights, especially morning flights. You save a lot of time and money, because we all know how expensive airport food can be. If you have a later flight, just make sure you bring protein bars and healthy snacks with you. They are a life-saver. Another great tip is to bring an empty shaker bottle or just a big empty water bottle because staying hydrated during your flight is very important and it saves money. All airports have a place where you can fill up your water bottles.

Road Trip Tips:

Luckily, you can also bring all of your supplements on the road! You can bring snacks like beef jerky, protein bars, or one of our Apex Protein Snacks, etc. Anything that keeps your protein intake up is great for giving you energy while you travel. Of course, you also need to bring your water and stay hydrated while traveling. Say you have to go to a fast food restaurant, most anywhere will work with you on what your diet is. If you have a low carb, high protein diet, ask for a lettuce wrap and extra meat and maybe take off the cheese. Everywhere you go you can modify really anything. You just can't be afraid to ask. You can always ask for extra rice, guacamole, meat, anything! Try to stay away from dressings because some of them are loaded with sugars and fats. You can ask if they have Oil and Vinegar with salt and pepper for a better dressing option. Many places also do bowls like a burger in a bowl, add more lettuce/spinach or you can add more meat and veggies! It might cost about $2 extra, but it’s so worth it for your fitness goals. Even better, it still tastes amazing.

Gym Tips: There are many gyms in most places, with hotels usually having small gyms. Most of the time, day passes are pretty affordable and easy to find.. It’s pretty easy to workout while traveling.

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