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Bowmar Nutrition Vegan Friendly Products:

Vegan Protein Powder:

Bowmar Nutrition offers Vegan Protein! It took many years to perfect our plant-based protein. Our goal for this product was to not have the grainy vegan texture found in other vegan supplements. Instead we wanted it to have a smooth texture and taste delicious! There are 8 flavors to choose from. Each one has 20-22g of plant-based protein per serving. These  products are low fat and gluten-free. These are great meal replacement options, and are also good for your post-workout shakes. You can use this product in many different ways: adding a scoop to your coffee, smoothies, oatmeal, or just adding it to water or your choice of milk. This vegan protein powder is something anyone and everyone can enjoy. It can be difficult to get enough protein into your diet just from whole foods, especially if you are vegan. It can also be extremely expensive and time-consuming. Each of these vegan protein products are a great source for your everyday protein needs. Adding any of them to your diet is a quick and easy way to make sure you’re getting enough protein. 

CLICK HERE TO ORDER:https://bowmarnutrition.com/products/vegan-protein?_pos=1&_sid=26b32fcd7&_ss=r

Vegan Protein Bar:

Bowmar Nutrition released our very first vegan protein bar on October 30th! This new protein bar flavor is Peanut Butter Cookie. Each bar has 20g of protein, 6g of Fiber, and 290 Calories. These are very convenient if you have a busy schedule or just need the extra boost throughout your day. It also tastes amazing!

CLICK HERE TO ORDER:https://bowmarnutrition.com/products/protein-bars?_pos=1&_sid=ded051163&_ss=r&variant=32723732267054

Vegan-Friendly Pre-Workout:

Bowmar Nutrition offers a vegan-friendly Non-stim PRE that is sour gummy flavored! It will give you a great workout and an amazing pump. Just take it 15-30 minutes before your workout! 

CLICK HERE TO ORDER:https://bowmarnutrition.com/products/all-new-pre-workout?_pos=1&_sid=47ddcfd80&_ss=r&variant=32697264898094

Bowmar Nutrition Greens:

Another vegan-friendly product that we offer is Greens! We offer three different flavors; Lemon Greens, Matcha Greens and Berry Greens. They are all delicious on their own with just water, but you can add them in many other drinks! Everybody needs greens in their diet. This is an easy way to make sure you are getting enough throughout the day and filling in those nutritional gaps. They are 100% organic. While they are great in the morning before your first meal, they can also be taken throughout the day! These Greens have so many benefits, especially if you are vegan. This is a great way to make sure you are getting the nutrients you need in your everyday diet.

CLICK HERE TO ORDER:https://bowmarnutrition.com/products/greens?_pos=2&_sid=57f30cc6e&_ss=r

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