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Why You Don't See More Companies Offering Samples of Protein

Why You Don't See More Companies Offering Samples of Protein
The truth will set you free- and in this case, actually lead you to quality companies that talk the talk and walk the walk

We have learned a lot in the last few years since we have been in the supplement industry- from under dosing to marketing scams to just flat out liars.

Let's discuss protein powder- it's expensive to make. When people say there's no money in protein, there's no money in protein. Especially when you use the high quality that Bowmar Nutrition does. A lot of companies are strictly in the supplement industry to make money (ie: lose fat quickly, take this pill to get "tone", etc). There are NO quality checks when it comes to the supplement industry except for what the company itself imposes on its own products- voluntarily.

It's a scary world which is why we choose to set ourselves apart and operate in a GMP and FDA certified facility. It's why we test in house as well as third party test for quality, microbials, heavy metals, contaminants, etc. We don't have to do those things- we CHOOSE to do them because we are our own best customers and I only want the best of the best in my body.

That being said- 99% of supplement manufacturers do not have access to machines that will fill full size (20+g) sample sizes in house (where most of them can get away with their shady business). If you want a protein sample (or any sample)- you have to outsource. If you outsource, you are subjecting yourself to additional testing that the sample fulfillment company will run on your products. So why don't you see more companies with full size protein samples? Because many are lying to you about what's actually in their product and they don't want these fulfillment companies to test their products because they know what they are claiming isn't actually what is in their products.

Luckily, if you're reading this, you are probably already know (and trust) Bowmar Nutrition! Which is why I am so happy to announce we have our protein samplesavailable for everyone. We stand behind our products which is why we have 0 issues getting our protein into sample sizes for everyone to try- plus- they make great travel buddies too!

Take a look around- if you are ordering supplements from a different company and they offer samples in other products but not protein- raise your eyebrow. Ask the question- WHY! As a consumer- you deserve to be as informed as possible and I truly hope this blog helped shed some light!

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