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Let's start off by saying that there simply are no better products on the market than Bowmar Nutrition's - that's why you're here right? You honestly can't go wrong with anything you choose but if you're needing some help determining where to start here are my top 10 products- I most definitely use more than 10 products, but these are the ones I simply can't live without!


an absolute game changer for digestion, bloating, and my immunity. I have always struggled with bloating, but since I started taking the greens I have seen a significant difference. And not only am I seeing less bloating, but I also have better digestion and I'm ensuring any gaps in my nutrition are filled! Plus.. they actually taste good!

Fish Oil

Lord knows I hate seafood or anything that belongs in the water so I definitely don't get my Omega-3s in, which are a must for heart health, cognitive function, and inflammation. So supplementing with fish oil is a must for me.

Vegan Protein Powder

I'm not even vegan, but Bowmar's vegan protein has a special place in my heart. The flavors are ON POINT. I'm not sure how it's possible for a vegan protein to be better than a whey (their whey is phenomenal too but it's the vegan that does it for me). I mix this with my collagen to make sure I get the added protein benefits and I also take a scoop post workout!


gut health is something that is so overlooked by many. Probiotics are good bacteria that help improve digestion, reduce bloating, and support immune health. The biggest benefit for me would be the improved digestion and overall gut health. Another staple in my supplement routine.

Pre-Workout/Citrapeak Capsules

I put these two together because I will never have one without the other. These have absolutely transformed my workouts. I have an insane pump, great focus, and plenty of energy. Best on the market.

Cookie Butter Nut Butter

crack in a jar. That's what this is. The best flavor.. hands down.. no questions asked. If there's one flavor you need to try it's this one. I love it because there's less fat than regular peanut butter and more protein. Talk about a win! I won't lie.. I eat it right from the jar with a spoon!


creatine is a naturally occurring chemical in literally every human being. I take this product because it helps prevent fatigue, increase muscle endurance, and increase your muscle strength! More strength = larger muscle cells = more "gains!"


Guava Nectarine is the best in my opinion. It tastes like liquified peach rings. These are a great addition to your supplement routine if you feel like you're sore all the time and you aren't getting in plenty of protein. The Essentials are made up of the 9 essential amino acids your body can't manufacture on it's own - so by taking these you ensure that you get all the amino acids your body needs. And you help aid your recovery!

Coffee Cake Protein Bars

not only do these taste freaking amazing, but they are also great meal replacements. The macros are exceptional too.. perfectly balanced in my opinion. Honestly you can't go wrong with any of the flavors, but coffee cake is my personal favorite. I also love cookie dough and brownie!