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Bowmar Rewards System

Welcome to Bowmar Points!

 To Log in or Sign Up: CLICK HERE and follow the steps in the reward panel.

Please click on any topic to learn more.

 Getting Started Earn Points Rewards Chart Points to Rewards Bowmar App Common Questions


Getting Started

Step 1: Log in or Signup
(New signup = 50points)

Step 2: Click on the present icon in the bottom left corner.

Step 3: You will then be able to:
- View points
- View ways to earn points
- Redeem points, and more!


Ways to Earn Points

  • $1 spent = 4 points
  • Sign up = 250 points
  • Like on Facebook = 50 points
  • Follow on Instagram = 50 points
  • Download our APP = 150 points
  • Celebrate a Birthday = 200 points
  • VIP members: $1 spent = 5 points
    * VIP members are customers that have spent over $1,000 in Bowmar products.


Rewards Chart

250 Points Free Express Shipping
500 Points Free Bowwow Antler Chew
600 Points Free Shaker Bottle
800 Points $15 OFF
1000 Points Free Tumbler
1500 Points $35 OFF
2000 Points $50 OFF
3000 Points 40% OFF
650 Points Free Resistance Band


How to turn your points into rewards

Step 1: To turn points into a reward, log into your account, then click on the launcher to open the rewards panel.

Step 2: Click on All rewards.
If you have enough points, there will be a Redeem button.

Step 3: Apply code which will automatically apply that coupon code to the checkout.

*If you don’t want to use all your points, choose a different offer and follow the steps listed above.


Bowmar App Users

*First, make sure your Bowmar Nutrition App is up to date.

How to view your Bowmar Reward’s Account

Step 1: Click on the menu > Account











You will then be able to view your customer status and accumulative points.











How to redeem your points

Step 1: Click on your checkout bag





Step 2: Click on the top right badge icon.





You will then be able to choose your reward based off current points.






Tagging Us or Leaving a Product Review


Step 1: Once you’ve tagged us, please submit this form.

Step 2: Once reviewed. You will receive 40 points.

* Please allow a couple days for your points to be added your account.


Step 1: Reviews on any product will be automatically added to your Bowmar rewards account, if you have a Bowmar Rewards account!

* Please allow a couple days for your points to be added your account.



How do I earn points?

• Before placing any orders you will need to first sign up for an account will earn you an instant 50 points.
• Place an order and 4 points per $1 spent will be issued to your account. Once you hit VIP status you will earn 5 points per $1 spent.
• Follow @bowmar_nutrition on Instagram will earn you 50 points.
• Enter your birthday month and day and on your Birthday we will issue you 200 points.
• More ways to earn coming soon!

What are the rewards?

You can see the latest rewards by clicking here

Do I receive points for previous purchases?

Unfortunately the system will only assigning points from the time that it was established (October 1, 2020), but if you have already spent over $1,000.00 with Bowmar Nutrition you have already been upgraded to our VIP tier and when you log in for the first time it will reflect that.

I redeemed a reward and did not use it. How do I reuse the code?

From your rewards panel, just click the “Your rewards” section to view your rewards. Click on the unused reward and your code will be displayed to you.

What if I used the wrong email or I do not see rewards from my order?

Simply email support@bowmarshop.com and they can assign points if you did mistyped your email address. If you click on the clock icon next to your points it should show you any orders since you registered, if you are not seeing it please just email us.

I ordered and then signed up for the rewards, will I get those points?

Yes, but you will have to email us for us to manually add those. We can only credit your most recent order and it must be after October 1, 2020.

Will the ways to earn or rewards program ever change?

We will always be updating and coming up with new offerings for you to be able to redeem your points as well as other promotions & options to earn points.

Does this work with the Bowmar Nutrition app?

Yes, when you log into your account you will see your rewards points! On October 1, 2020 it might take a few hours for it to update.

How do I use an Athletes Referal Code and redeem a reward while still giving them credit for the order?

You can message the athlete for their link OR you can simply email support@bowmarshop.com with your order number and athlete you want to give credit and we will ensure they receive credit for referring you.

Any other questions???

Please email us support@bowmarshop.com and we will answer it for you!