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Postpartum Multivitamin

  • Provides essential nutrients for moms and babies
  • Helps increase/maintain breast milk supply
  • Optimizes well-being postpartum
  • Promotes healthy hair and nails

Bowmar Nutrition Postpartum is a daily multi vitamin specifically designed for women that have recently given birth. While newborns rely on mothers for everything, it is important to fuel your body with the proper vitamins and minerals needed not just for you, but for the baby too!

Can I open these?

We do not recommend opening these capsules. They are in a delayed release capsule so you can take them on an empty stomach without your stomach becoming upset.

Does this replace my multi or prenatal?

Yes. The daily serving of the postpartum supplement will replace your multi or prenatal.

How long after I have my baby should I take this?

We recommend taking this for at least six months after you deliver, the entire time you’re breastfeeding, if you’re experiencing anything PPA or PPD symptoms (with doctor approval), or while experiencing PP hair loss.

If I’m not breastfeeding, will this increase my supply?

If you’re not actively breastfeeding or pumping, no, this will not create a supply of breast milk if you aren’t actively feeding or pumping.

Why is it 6 pills?

The serving size is 6 pills, split up throughout the day into 2 or 3 pill servings. The serving size is 6 pills due to feedback regarding pill size. We wanted 6 smaller pills instead of 3 or 4 large pills.

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