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Protein Mint Chocolate Chip


 Protein Mint Chocolate Chip can be used as a delicious, healthy meal replacement to boost your metabolism and support muscle recovery. Protein Mint Chocolate Chip provides a range of amino acids that stimulate muscle growth. The low-fat formula delivers 22 grams of protein per serving to keep you full and satisfied for hours.Mix this delicious flavor in a shake, use it to bake or even mix it in your coffee as an amazing creamer replacement.

  • Tastes amazing
  • Low Fat, Low Carb Meal Replacement
  • Manufactured in an GMP and FDA Certified Facility

*Due to the nature of the inclusion cookie pieces, this product is NOT gluten free. We do our best to keep calories low and roughly 1/10 of a cookie is used per scoop of protein. We have had several gluten sensitive (not intolerant) athletes try the product with 0 issues. Please order at your own discretion.

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