Margo’s Thoughts on PREworkout + Citrapeak

Margo’s Thoughts on PREworkout + Citrapeak

It can be scary and somewhat concerning to use workout aids and supplements due to the lack of research, common faulty claims, company intransparency, personal experiences, and the general knowledge that they are not necessary in reaching fitness goals. I really pay close attention to the feedback my body gives me when I do decide to try something new– ESPECIALLY supplements and ergogenic aids. That being said, it took me years to find a pre-workout that checked off everything on my list of standards for a ‘perfect pre-workout’. From early 2018 to mid 2020, I experimented with all kinds of supplements and especially pre-workouts. I have always enjoyed using a pre-workout before training, but grew to dislike it after so many trials and equally as many errors with all sorts of popular supplement companies. When I was experimenting with different pre-workout powders, I took note of many variables. These variables included taste, how well it mixed with water, if and how it affected my heart rate, how long it took me to ‘feel it’, whether it caused itches or jitters, how I felt after my workout (if I crashed), and if it gave me better focus and pump during my workout. I noted each of these variables and determined whether or not it would benefit myself and my workouts to use each specific pre-workout. While most of the pre-workouts I tried had taste in their favor, not a single pre-workout checked off each of the expectations I was searching for. In fact, most of them caused my heart rate to skyrocket, caused me to crash immediately after my workout (& sometimes during), and the intense tingles from most pre-workouts I tried made it feel like I was getting eaten alive by fire ants. There was actually one pre-workout that I took not knowing it had a banned ingredient in it, that led me to being in bed for 14 hours straight with a racing heart rate and inability to consume food or beverages. After over 2 years of searching and only being led to disappointment–not only was I hesitant to try new pre-workouts, but I was hesitant to trust supplement companies. This is when it occurred to me how truly important it is to pay attention to what is in the pre-workout you are using and how important it is to listen to the feedback your body provides.

Fast forward to April of 2020 (2 months after my horrible experience and nearly giving up on finding a good pre-workout), I tried out Bowmar Nutritions Blackberry pre-workout and I vividly remember the INSTANT that it came into contact with my taste buds. I KNEW this preworkout was different but I wanted to get a sufficient feel for this new pre-workout I had just come across before I came to any conclusions. I took it consistently for a few weeks before committing. Once I fell in love with it’s benefits– how awake, focused, and energized it made me feel during AND after my workouts– I literally TRASHED all of the other powders in my pantry and replaced them all with Bowmar Nutrition. Since that first day of testing their pre-workout, I have remained loyal to this company and have strictly used Bowmar Nutrition for my workout aid and supplement needs. Allow me to explain to you why this specific pre-workout is the most unique and superior pre-workout that I have ever come across.

First things first, the flavors have always been on point. I think it is safe to say that the first thing that really draws one toward a specific pre-workout is the flavor, but what comes after that? How about the way that the powder is formulated. In Bowmar Nutrition’s case, they formulated their pre-workout powder without the popular ingredient beta-alanine which is what causes itches and jitters. Though they offer beta-alanine separately, for those that prefer the itches and jitters; Bowmar Nutrition listened to the majority of their customers in that a preworkout that did not cause itches was in high demand. Another ingredient that Bowmar removed from their pre-workout was citrulline malate, which they replaced with l-citrulline which was done to improve performance, reduce fatigue, and reduce muscle soreness. Bowmar Nutrition also takes into account caffeine intake and each scoop of their pre workout has 125 mg of caffeine– which means you can safely take 1-2 scoops depending on your preference. This was a very important component to me because a majority of the previous powders I have used had an excessive amount of caffeine and that posed negative side effects in my experience. They also created a non-stimulant version of their pre-workout which contained each essential ingredient of their traditional pre-workout, but without caffeine! I use the non-stimulant just as equally as the stimulant as it is quite useful for later on workouts, pairing with stimulant flavors, or for when I am detoxing my body of caffeine.

Lastly and one of the primary highlights of this pre, Bowmar Nutrition formulated their pre-workout powders with an exclusive ingredient called “Citrapeak”. Citrapeak is a clean, flavorless, one-of-a-kind ingredient that is extracted from orange peels and functions as a vasodilator. Vasodilation is the flow of oxygen, blood, and nutrients to your muscles. This means that when taking Bowmar Nutrition’s pre-workout that contains citrapeak powder– it will effectively increase the blood, nutrient, and oxygen flow to the muscles that you are training which results in the ultimate pump and maximum blood flow, nutrient flow, and oxygen delivery. I am confident that if nothing else stands out to you about what I have described this pre-workout to be, this ingredient will. It has completely changed my lifts and given me such maximized pumps during each resistance session. No matter what muscle group you are hitting, this ingredient alone will give you the juiciest pump and have you feeling absolutely JACKED. Not to mention, it really emphasizes the muscle group that you are training, everyone in the gym will know what you’re hitting that day! When I do not take pre-workout I can definitely tell a difference in the size of pump that I am able to achieve. This is where Bowmar Nutrition’s citrapeak capsules come in handy. In addition to their pre-workout powders, this fast acting citrapeak formula is offered in a capsulated version that way if you do not use their pre-workout or do not use pre-workout at all, you can still get the top-notch benefits and effects of this exclusive ingredient.

Bowmar Nutrition created their raw line of ingredients where they offer optional add-ins so that way the pre-workout that you use is specifically catered to you. This line of raw ingredients includes beta-alanine powder, caffeine capsules, glutamine powder, and citrapeak capsules conveniently available for use. These raw ingredients are optional to the consumer and a great way to build your own pre-workout.

When it comes to Bowmar Nutrition’s pre-workout & citrapeak, these are not just products that I use every now and then. These are staple products in my everyday resistance training regimen that have opened doors to potential I didn't even know I had. These truly work and do what they claim. I use each one for what it is meant to be used and I have experienced outstanding effects because of that. Not only have they given me something to look forward to on a daily basis by choosing my preworkout of the day and virtually building my own pre-workout, but they have made me feel the best I possibly can! With Bowmar Nutrition, a company I can trust, I can confidently say that my days of going through trial and error in search of quality supplements are nothing but history. Mind you, I came to these realizations before becoming affiliated with Bowmar Nutrition. From the very first pre-workout that I tried of theirs to now almost 2 years later, I am reminded everyday of how spectacular and genuine that this company is, and how rare it is to find that in the supplement industry in sequence with great taste and value. I am continuously impressed by the transparency of Bowmar Nutrition and the quality of formulas that they proudly manufacture, and I can assure that you will be too.

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