We want to keep everyone as up to date as we are! Please note, these dates are best case scenario and are subject to change at any time due to manufacturing scheduling conflicts, testing delays, logistical issues, warehouse timelines, etc. This page is designed to help give a better forecast on items and when they will be arriving back in stock to add to your next order. Again, please do not take these dates as final as they are subject to change at any time due to unforeseen delays. We encourage you to check this page prior to sending our customer service team an email or message on social media. We will also be updating this page with any and all updates as they are provided to us.  

We also truly encourage everyone to take advantage of our auto ship program if you use the same products on a month basis. The auto ship program is amazing because you are guaranteed product for at least 3 months, you receive a discount, you can cancel at any time, there are no minimum requirements, and you can change flavors / add to your order on your own with ease! Auto ship helps us as well with forecasting and inventory which helps us remain in stock with product with ease! 

Also, please note, some of the items listed below may not be out of stock on the website. We are simply adding everything to this list that is projected to be restocked. New products and restocks will not appear on this list until announced on social media! 

If a product you desire is out of stock, you can order samples until it restocks, allowing you to try different flavors, explore new products, or have a backup option when your preferred item is unavailable. Sample availability may be limited for certain products and subject to stock.

July Restocks

  • Jelly Bean Melt Stim - Tubs
  • Jelly Bean Melt Stim Free - Tubs
  • Multivitamin - Capsules

August Restocks

  • Illuminate Capsules
  • Immunity - Orange
  • Immunity - Cotton Candy

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