We spent almost two years perfecting these products to ensure they would withstand being heated (protein hot chocolate). Our products are also manufactured in a GMP certified facility and undergo routine tests to ensure shelf life and accurate nutritional information

As all pregnancies are unique, we recommend speaking to your doctor. All ingredients are listed on our website for your next appointment. That being said- a lot of pregnant and nursing women do enjoy our products once cleared

Yes- our products are gluten free

Due to the nature of the fiber and the need to drink it quickly, we do not recommend adding anything to the fiber. You can, however, mix collagen, greens and BCAAs together.

Yes- our products are stimulant and hormone free so they are safe for children

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Clothing and other apparel comes form a different warehouse- a separate tracking number and package will arrive

Once the product leaves our warehouse, you will need to contact the shipping provider for updates regarding shipping and delivery. A tracking number is sent to the email address on file 

Clothing is all final sale based.

Your item will ship on your first installment

Protein Hot Chocolate can be used with hot liquid but please be advised that mixing with any liquid over 212˚F (liquid boiling point) will cause the PHC to breakdown and seem gritty. Typically,  serving temperatures at coffee shops or popular coffee makers is between 170˚F - 195˚F and will not cause any issues.

If you are using water to mix your collagen, we recommend using room temperature water. You can always add ice once it is blended. If you are mixing the clear skin cocktail (collagen, greens, and BCAAs), we recommend using 20oz of water. Make sure you are always shaking your collagen in a blender cup if you are using water. Please use the rapid mixer if you are adding it to coffee or other hot liquids 

When our protein is measured, it is right when it is made (which is when the product is at it's fluffiest). During transit, the ingredients settle and the product becomes denser. We recommend shaking the tub when you receive it and then once every week or so that you have it to "fluff" it up and get more out of each tub!

Yes, we ship to 240 countries. Please note that some additional taxes may apply that is outside of our control 

Yes- you may need to sift for it as it may have settled to the bottom during shipping

At this time we are not making any more samples but we are working on 1lb tubs of protein hot chocolate

Yes, here’s a great blog from Sarah regarding protein powder and when to use it:

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I would highly recommend listening to this podcast from Lacey Dunn regarding artificial sweeteners, the research, and the safety of their use in small doses (like our product):

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