BRIGHT powered by Neurobloom™

BRIGHT powered by Neurobloom™

Bowmar Nutrition is honored to introduce: BRIGHT powered by Neurobloom™. Neurobloom™ is a patent-pending product with a proven, unique mechanism of cognitive repair. A healthy brain is the first step to a healthy life and we are so honored and excited to bring this product to market. We will be breaking down the ingredients as well as the benefits studied through a pilot study on the six cognitive domains.

First, Neurobloom™ was inspired and invented by Dr. Watson who has a PhD in Neuroscience. He began investigating why the brain suffers from a progressive decline in brain function as we age. His endeavors led to a breakthrough discovery that uncovered evidence to support the exciting possibility that age-related cognitive decline may be a reversible process.

Each individual raw ingredient has been clinically studied for cognitive health through general research. A product that itself is composed of well known and clinically studied raw materials with benefits to cognitive health.

A patent-pending product with a proven unique mechanism of cognitive repair.  A promising set of pilot study that shows results above and beyond anything existing in the market, across all 6 “cognitive domains” (buckets neuroscientists use to delineate brain function in studies). A product that continues to undergo clinical research, with future results you can share with your customers.

Ingredient Breakdown

Vitamin E: study finds: High plasma vitamin E levels were repeatedly associated with better cognitive performance. Due to its antioxidant properties, the ability of vitamin E to prevent or delay cognitive decline has been tested in clinical trials in both aging population and Alzheimer’s disease (AD) patients

Selenium: study finds: Selenium deficiency correlates with impaired cognitive function (69-71)

Panax Ginseng: study finds: root extract that improves cognitive function, especially in association with attention allocation, immediate memory and behavior reaction time

Centella Asiatica: study finds: an herbal medicine proven to increase lipid repair

D-alpha-Icopopherly Acid Succinate: study finds: an antioxidant to help reduce inflammation, which can cause cognitive delays and aging

Alpha Lipoic Acid: study finds: an antioxidant that decreases inflammatory and oxidative stress parameters in the brain

Pilot Study Findings*

We do need to note that data is in pre-publication, and we will provide the findings once the publication is finalized. Based on the study, there was an average 25% improvement across 6 cognitive domains after 4 months of use.

Study details: 30 healthy male and female participants, mean age 62, observed for 6 months and measured by SavonixTM computerized cognitive assessment tool.

Six Cognitive Domains

  • Improved Verbal Memory: an improvement in instant verbal memory translates as the ability to quickly recall words, symbols, numbers, and even someone’s name in an immediate or short-term period

  • Executive Function: an improvement in executive function means greater mental control and self regulation. It affects how we manage ourselves and our resources in order to achieve our goals

  • Spatial Memory: an improvement in spatial memory means  faster and more accurate ability to orientate, recognize, and interpret visual information. It plays a key role in improving navigation skills and sports performance

  • Flexible Thinking: an increase in flexible thinking speed means a faster ability to see more solutions and opportunities in diverse situations. It plays a key role in daily multi-tasking activities

  • Emotion Identification: an improvement in emotion identification translates as the ability to better understand the emotions of those around us. It plays a role in interpersonal relationships and communication

  • Information Processing: Information processing speed is the amount of time it takes you to understand and react to the information you receive

Based on the six domains above, Neurobloom™ can help improve: information retention, short-term memory, problem solving abilities, abstract thought, strategic planning, reaction time, orientation in 3D space, ability to think through solutions, reasoning skills, multi-tasking, communication skills, ability to recognize the emotions of others, quick thinking, attention span, and data comprehension

    We are also excited to announce future clinical trials are scheduled with more robust studies underway- with larger participants and placebo groups.


    If you prefer to watch a quick video on this product, please reference this video

    Sharp Vs Bright

    A nootropic (SHARP), has amazing short term benefits when it comes to focus and cognitive recall. BRIGHT has been proven to improve overall brain health and function in the long term. As we age, so does our brain. Supplementing with BRIGHT has the potential to slow the aging process!

    *Open-label longitudinal study

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