CSC: Convenience at Your Fingertips

CSC: Convenience at Your Fingertips

What is CSC?

The Clear Skin Cocktail. An easy to use packet that contains one full serving of collagen, one full serving of immunity, and one full serving of greens. It’s THREE supplements all in ONE convenient pouch! 

It’s a unique and powerful blend of ingredients that promotes soft, hydrated, and healthier skin from the inside out by reducing inflammation, improving gut health, and supporting natural collagen production. 

  • Immunity Support contains essential vitamins and minerals to keep your immune system in check. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and a healthy immune system goes hand in hand with clear skin. To help keep your skin looking, working, and feeling good, feed it well from the inside. 
  • Greens are packed with 13 organic vegetable and fruit sources to support essential functions in the body, improve gut health, and maintain/restore radiant, glowy skin. The leafy green vegetables, fruits, fiber, algaes, and other vitamins and minerals reduce the appearance of scars and blemishes, brighten dull skin, and help purge dead skin cells. 
  • Collagen has healing properties supporting skin, hair, nail, joint, bone, and tendon health in numerous ways. It can make your skin appear more youthful and radiant, bring back the elasticity of your skin, speed up the healing process of scratches, cuts, and burns, and improve acne, rosacea, eczema, rashes, etc. It also supports flexibility and mobility, relieves joint pain, and improves the growth and repair of cartilage tissue. 

To top it off, combining three products into one makes it less expensive compared to buying each product individually, so now you can enjoy the clear skin cocktail for less and with ease. Perfect for travel and everyday use! 

What Can You Mix CSC In?

Quite literally anything you’d like! The CSC packets are unflavored, meaning they don’t have any added flavor and will take on the flavor of whatever you mix them with! We would suggest pairing it with one of our delicious EAAs, MELT, REPLENISH, or SHARP flavors because not only will you receive the benefits of the three products included in the CSC packets, but you will also receive the benefits of whichever product you pair it with. Below, we shared the benefits of our favorite products to mix CSC with:

EAAs: Contains all nine of the essential amino acids, which improve muscle recovery, optimize your overall health, and complete protein synthesis. These nine amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are essential as the body cannot produce them on its own; they must be ingested through supplements/food. 

SHARP: Your brain is the control center of the body. Every physical and mental activity is executed by the brain: from memory to emotion, touch to motor skills, breathing to digestion, and more. Maintaining a healthy brain is crucial for a good quality life.Think of SHARP as food for your brain. It’s a powerful nootropic (cognitive enhancer) that works with your natural brain chemistry to provide a heightened sense of well being, improve mental focus and clarity, enhance concentration, and support healthy brain function.

MELT: When paired with a calorie deficit (which means you are consuming less calories than you are burning), this product is effective with fat loss and body recomposition as the ingredients work synergistically with one another. MELT stimulates your body’s fat cell receptors and boosts your metabolism, which promotes an increased level of fat burning, prevents the production of new fat, and curbs your appetite and food cravings. In turn, limiting calorie absorption, improving your mood, and providing a natural boost of energy. 

REPLENISH: Roughly 75% of the population are dehydrated. REPLENISH is formulated to replenish electrolytes lost in daily activity and keep you hydrated. Electrolytes are crucial for maintaining many functions of the body, such as regulating blood pressure and pH balances. Our bodies cannot make electrolytes on their own, so we have to get them from food/drink sources. REPLENISH will ensure you’re getting all the electrolytes you need to stay hydrated throughout the day which will help reduce muscle spasms and cramps, enhance your workout performance, improve your energy levels, and decrease excess water weight. 

Don’t forget CSC can also be mixed in smoothies, juices, and so much more. The options are truly endless!

When to Take CSC:

There’s no optimal time to consume the CSC packets – take it whenever works best for you!


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