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Essentials vs Replenish

Essentials vs Replenish

What’s the Difference Between Essentials and REPLENISH?

Bowmar Nutrition offers both ESSENTIALS (aminos & BCAAs) and REPLENISH Electrolyte Hydration. A question we get asked often is “what is the difference between these two products?”  Both supplements have amazing benefits but are unique and used for very different reasons. So, we wanted to create a breakdown and explanation to help you use both to their full capabilities.


Aminos are the building blocks of protein, there are 20 amino acids and 9 are essential. 

Bowmar Nutritions ESSENTIALS has all 9 of the essential amino acids.


  • ESSENTIALS start the recovery process for your muscles after your workout to prevent you from being sore (the faster the recovery process the faster you can start working those muscles again which helps you build more muscle). 
  • They help prevent muscle breakdown and help decrease muscle damage. 
  • ESSENTIALS reduce fatigue during your workouts and is great with helping curb those random cravings throughout the day. 
  • They can also help increase muscle growth!Our EAAS optimize your overall health and complete protein synthesis.

(Keep in mind that it’s normal to be sore 1-2 days after your workouts, especially if you’re switching up your workout routines).

What is REPLENISH Electrolyte Hydration?

REPLENISH is a hydration product formulated to replenish electrolytes lost in daily activity. 


  • REPLENISH offers electrolytes to help boost energy and reduce fatigue.
  • This product really benefits people that enjoy longer workouts or working out in the heat because our sweat contains electrolytes, so you are constantly losing them. 
  • REPLENISH regulates your blood pressure and pH balances. 
  • You will be less likely to hold excess water and may reduce muscle cramps and spasms.

So, now that you have the product breakdown, what does this mean? It’s important to replenish, replace and fuel our bodies with essential aminos and proper hydration. REPLENISH will ensure your electrolytes are replaced, and ESSENTIALS ensures your aminos are replaced. Both play a role in muscle recovery and are great to optimize your workouts.

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