Is Glutamine Right for You?

Is Glutamine Right for You?

What is Glutamine?

Bowmar Nutrition offers a supplement called Glutamine, an amino acid that has many benefits. First, it supports many functions in the body, like muscle repair after exercising, immune system health, and much more. Our bodies naturally produce this amino acid, but it can also be found in many foods like; Fish, Chicken, Spinach, Lentils, Beans, Dairy, ToFu, Beets, Peas, etc. Our bodies lose L-glutamine in our muscles everyday, especially when we are stressed or anxious. Using Bowmar Nutrition’s Glutamine supplement can help maintain the  L-glutamine levels in our bodies.

Bowmar Nutrition’s Glutamine has many healing properties as well, including boosting your immune system by fighting off any sickness coming your way. It can also help speed up the process of healing after an injury.  Many doctors recommend that patients eat foods high in glutamine to help with any type of injury like cuts, or broken bones.

Glutamine can even help relieve IBS and overall intestinal health. It increases absorption and helps with better digestion. It may even help protect your stomach from any serious problems in the future. And of course, sInce it also boosts your immune system, that means it will also boost your gut health! 

Bowmar Nutrition’s Glutamine is a great supplement for muscle recovery, helping to boost muscle growth and muscle health. By using this supplement, you can get into the gym quicker without being sore. It can even reduce anxiety, depression and stress. It is known for being a calming amino acid and it can even improve your overall mood throughout the day! Since we lose L-glutamine when we are under stress we need to ensure we are getting enough Glutamine intake for our health and mood!

If this sounds like something you would like to try, CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

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