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Kelsey's "Can't Live Without"

Kelsey's "Can't Live Without"

Number one gut health supplement I can’t live without is my Bowmar Nutrition Colon Cleanse. I take two of these babies as soon as I wake up in the morning you can take two more at night but I find two in the morning is the perfect amount for me. Keeping my gut health in check has always been huge for me. I have dietary restrictions and sometimes I’m not perfect and I’ll eat somethingI’m not suppose to. This product along with greens, and probiotics have really helped keep my bloating under control.

I have a very sensitive stomach and I’m allergic to gluten, like anyone with food allergies you know sometimes we are not perfect and we accidentally consume things we are not suppose to. This is where colon cleanse comes into play for me! It’s not a “fix” for me to eat whatever I want, but If I accidentally have gluten this product definitely helps re regulate my gut and then my symptoms don’t last as long. 

Did you know 70% of your health comes from your gut? I have found adding colon cleanse to my morning routine has also helped kept me feeling healthier and less sick.

Kelsey Drummer

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