Sarah Bowmar

Sarah Bowmar 

Sarah Bowmar is a certified nutrition specialist, personal trainer, prenatal and postpartum trainer, entrepreneur, podcast host, and author. 

Fitness and Nutrition

After graduating from college in 2011 with both her undergraduate degree and MBA in marketing, Sarah Bowmar began competing in fitness competitions, becoming nationally qualified in bikini, while also working at a digital marketing agency. It was during one of these fitness competitions - the 2014 Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio - that she met her now husband, Josh Bowmar, and got married a year later.

In 2014, both Sarah and Josh became certified as nutrition specialists and ISSA fitness trainers. They then joined together in Bowmar Fitness online coaching that same year. Sarah is passionate about health and fitness and loves connecting with women around the world who are looking for tips and advice on living healthier lives through her social media platforms. To better give targeted fitness advice to women, she also became an AFPA certified prenatal and postpartum trainer in 2020. 

In addition to Bowmar Fitness, Sarah Bowmar and Josh Bowmar are co-owners of Bowmar Nutrition, and APEX Protein Snacks, which they created in 2018 and 2020, respectively, after realizing the great need for clean, healthy, nutritional products on the market. Their favorite Bowmar Nutrition product? Collagen Peptides. They also document their healthy eating and workout tips on their Bowmar Fitness YouTube Channel


Sarah was introduced to bowhunting for the first time time in 2014 by Josh, who had been an avid bowhunter from a young age. Since meeting and getting married, Sarah and Josh have hunted big game all over the world, from Africa to Alaska, using only their bows and arrows. 

The Bowmars’ favorite thing about hunting is that it has given them the opportunity to help others all over the world. Over the years, they have been able to donate tens of thousands of meals to families in South Africa and Mozambique, and have also dedicated themselves to the fight against poaching. They are advocates for ethical hunting methods, and actively promote the Dallas Safari Club’s anti-poaching efforts. 

Together, Sarah and Josh own Bowmar Archery, where archery gear and supplies such as their patented Bowmar Nose Button can be found. Their experiences with big game hunting, travels, and bowhunting tips can be seen on their Bowmar Bowhunting Youtube Channel.


Sarah Bowmar and Josh Bowmar own multiple companies, including Bowmar Fitness (2012), Bowmar Nutrition (2018), Bowmar Archery (2020), Apex Protein Snacks (2020), Bowmar Trucking (2019), and Brack and Pine (2019), where limited edition jewelry from Sarah Bowmar can be found.

Author: Zero to a Million without Showing Your Butthole

Sarah and Josh Bowmar both have a large social media following, with over 2 million followers combined across all of their social media platforms, plus over 200k Youtube subscribers and 25 million views on their Fitness and Bowhunting channels. When creating their social media empire, they discovered that most of the authors of books on social media strategies don’t have a following large enough to validate their advice. So, in 2018, Sarah and Josh decided to fill in the gap by writing their own. In their book, Zero to a Million without Showing Your Butthole, they use their own experiences - both the good and the bad - to teach readers the best ways to grow their own social media presence. 

The Bowmar Show Podcast

Sarah and Josh Bowmar started their podcast, The Bowmar Show, in 2019. Since its launch, it has gained almost half a million downloads and counting. On the show, the Bowmars candidly discuss their lives, health and fitness tips, business, and everything in between. 

Giving Back

Sarah Bowmar and Josh Bowmar were fortunate to have been able to grow up spending time in the great outdoors. This privilege spurred their desire to show others the beauty of being in nature. In 2020, they created Kids in the Outdoors, a non-profit geared towards giving children from urban areas the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature through days of fun filled with outdoor activities. They partnered with a Kansas City church to hold the first of what they hope is many Kids in the Outdoors events in August 2020. During this day of outdoor fun, they brought 30 children to Northern Missouri for a day of fishing, playing games, and eating wild game. 

Through their companies, Bowmar Nutrition and Bowmar Bowhunting, Sarah and Josh have had the joy of helping many who are in need, both locally and around the world. 

Using Bowmar Bowhunting’s resources, they partnered with a local church in Columbus, OH to donate over 30 turkeys for Thanksgiving in 2015. They have also been able to donate 30,000 meals and counting to families in places like South Africa and Mozambique.

Bowmar Nutrition is an annual sponsor of the 3rd and Goal Foundation holiday drive, donating winter coats, socks, and other essentials to dozens of veterans. They also donate tens of thousands of dollars worth of their branded supplements to naval battle ships and army bases every year. In 2020, Bowmar Nutrition had the honor of donating $700,000 worth of their products to 11 food banks, 20 military bases, and 750 individual front-line workers such as police officers, teachers, nurses and first responders. Additionally, Bowmar Nutrition is also partnering with O.U.R to sponsor a K9 unit to assist in the detection and arrest of child sex offenders and traffickers. 

Living to Serve

In everything they do, Sarah Bowmar and Josh Bowmar’s first priority is to help others and to make the world a better place. Whether it’s helping others become fitter and healthier, creating high quality nutritional supplements and archery gear, or through leveraging their businesses and platforms to aid those in need all over the world, the Bowmars’ primary goal has been and always will be to do good.


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