At-Home Energy Drink

At-Home Energy Drink

Need a pick-me-up?! We have you covered with this easy, at-home energy drink.⚡️It takes less than a minute to make and will have you feeling focused and ready to get stuff done!

Advantages to Making Your Own Energy Drinks with SHARP:

  • Less caffeine: There’s 75mg of caffeine per scoop of SHARP or 0mg if you use stim free; whereas, most energy drinks have upwards of 200mg. If you're caffeine sensitive or like to get your caffeine intake elsewhere, this is the perfect alternative to traditional energy drinks.
  • Cost effective: One scoop of SHARP is $1.50. On average, you’ll find majority of energy drinks cost anywhere from $2 to $5, which adds up fast!
  • Better for you: Traditional energy drinks are LOADED with caffeine (we talked about this) and sugar. Both of which can have negative effects on the body such as increased blood pressure, anxiety, and weight gain. By swapping it out with this at-home alternative not only will you consume less caffeine and sugar, but you will also consume SHARP’s amazing ingredients that are designed to improve mental clarity, improve mental focus, enhance concentration, and help support healthy brain function. You can learn more about the benefits of SHARP here
  • Easy to make: It takes one minute or less and only requires a few ingredients!

What You Need:

  • 1 scoop of SHARP (any flavor)
  • 12oz can of sparkling water or seltzer water
  • 2oz of “regular” water
  • Rapid Mixer
  • Handful of ice

How to Make:

  • Add the regular water and SHARP in a glass and use your rapid mixer to combine the two
  • Slowly pour in the sparkling/seltzer water and use a straw or spoon to combine everything (if you stir too much or use the rapid mixer you’ll lose the carbonation and it will make a mess)
  • Throw in some ice and ENJOY!
  • Optional: add in a scoop of MELT or Greens! 

This is a great way to enjoy an ‘energy drink’ while also receiving the incredible benefits SHARP has to offer! 🧠⚡️

CLICK HERE to order!

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