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Bowmar Nutrition BowWow Antler Chews:

Bowmar Nutrition BowWow Antler Chews:

Bowmar Nutrition has now added more to the lineup for all your dog products! In addition to the Doggy Bone Broth, we now offer BowWow Antler Chews! They are real, wild deer antler chews made naturally from 100% North American Wild Deer and Elk. These antler chews are all natural and organic. While the appearance and texture of the antler chews can vary for each one, the ingredient quality, health benefits, and integrity of these chews are the same! They are long lasting, odor free, and most importantly,safe for your dog. Josh and Sarah’s dog Arrow has been chewing on one for months and hasn’t even put a dent in it!  Bowmar Nutrition also recommends to please discard the chew once it becomes small enough for your animal to choke on.

Bowmar Nutrition offers 3 different sizes! Medium, large, large split, XLarg and, XLarge split. They have high mineral content and give your dog a healthy and shiny coat. The split chew is made fornon-aggressive chewers so they can get right to the marrow. For more aggressive chewers, we recommend the non-split version.All Bowwow Antler Chews are free ofdyes, preservatives, and allergens. These chews are way easier to digest than your regular store-bought bones, and are great for maintaining your dog’s dental health, keeping their teeth strong and healthy.. 

When you buy Bowmar Nutrition’s BowWow Antler Chews, not only will you be giving your dog a healthy, long lasting treat, you’ll be helping animals across the nation! For every antler chew sold,   meals will be donated to a shelter animal through our non-profit organization.CLICK HERE to order your dog a BowWow Antler Chew! 

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