ILLUMINATE: Beauty That Starts Within

ILLUMINATE: Beauty That Starts Within

Fun fact: skin is the largest organ in the human body! That’s right, your skin is an organ. I know, that’s weird to think about because most of us think of our livers or our hearts when we hear the word “organ.” But your skin is in fact the largest organ in your body, and it serves important purposes too. It provides a protective barrier against external elements, regulates body temperature, and plays a crucial role in sensation, immunity, and excretion.

Our skin goes through a lot each day, like being exposed to UV, pollution, chemicals, stressors, and other substances. This exposure can cause what I’m going to call, “wear and tear,” especially as we age. There are also things that are going on inside our bodies that can affect complexion. High stress levels, poor diet, lack of sleep, and hormone imbalances can all affect how our skin looks and feels. 

This makes it our responsibility to take care of our skin to the best of our ability, inside and out. We need to give our skin the TLC it deserves if we want our skin to age gracefully and have a complexion that exudes life and vibrancy!

We are at a point in time where external skincare (ie: moisturizers, toners, serums, etc.) is ALL THE RAGE. And let’s be honest, most of us associate skincare with these types of products, but what about the products that work from the inside out? The INTERNAL skincare.

That’s a phrase you most likely have never heard before because it doesn’t get the hype it should, so let me explain. Internal skincare is categorized as the products we consume/use that help our skin from within our bodies (internally). Please don’t misunderstand, there is a place in everyone’s routine for external skincare products, but we need to recognize that our internal skincare has to be a priority as well. Truthfully, the secret to glowing skin lies in a 360° approach – spanning makeup, skincare (internal and external), and your lifestyle habits. So, where does Bowmar Nutrition come in? 

We’re flipping the script on beauty and focusing on the internal skincare with our latest product: ILLUMINATE. This beauty product, powered with Yüth™, Lustriva®, + other beauty-backed ingredients, reveals your radiant glow from the inside out! 


Remember earlier how we talked about “internal skincare.” Well, ILLUMINATE is one of those products. It features ingredients that tackle internal issues to foster an all-encompassing glow from within. Its potent formula improves skin elasticity, hydration, and appearance, AND enhances hair growth, strength, and vibrance. 

The Benefits:

Outside of those just listed, ILLUMINATE:

  • Brightens complexion
  • Supports graceful aging
  • Promotes healthier, fuller hair
  • Enhances memory and cognitive function

Let’s take a look inside the ingredients, so you can get a better idea of how each ingredient benefits you!

Inside the Ingredients:

  • Vitamin C: Helps protect against sun damage, improve wrinkles, and boost collagen production.†
  • Vitamin E: Helps protect skin cells from damage and retain moisture.†
  • Lustriva®: Enhances hair growth and density, and improves skin elasticity and overall appearance.†
  • Biotin: Helps to strengthen hair health and skin hydration & appearance.†
  • Sodium Hyaluronate (for Hyaluronic Acid): Reduces the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, also helps maintain skin hydration.†
  • Yüth™: Supports healthy aging and beauty from within.†
  • Lutein/ Zeaxanthin: Improves skin tone and helps protect against sun damage.†

How Does ILLUMINATE Differ From Collagen: 

You’re going to ask about it, so I’m going to cover it because it’s important to note that Collagen and ILLUMINATE make a dynamic duo.

Think of collagen as being the “glue” that holds you together. It acts as the building blocks for your skin, hair, nails, and more! Just like a home needs framing, you need collagen. Without it, there's nothing to provide structure and support throughout the body. HOWEVER, Collagen needs Vitamin C in order to be synthesized. This is where ILLUMINATE comes in. ILLUMINATE contains Vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals to help synthesize collagen and support overall skin, hair, and nail health. Using these products together is like giving your body the ultimate beauty boost from within!

Learn more about Collagen Peptides here

In Conclusion:

This isn’t another beauty product that will end up on the back of a shelf or in a drawer where it’ll end up gathering dust as you move onto something new. No, this is going to be your new go to beauty secret. Prepare for endless compliments and to be asked what you’re using on repeat. You should probably have your referral link on hand (referral program). If you’re ready to invest in your inner glow, SHOP ILLUMINATE.


Biotin in this product may lead to breakouts or a purge initially for some individuals, which is normal. Also, some may have an intolerance to biotin. If you notice any adverse effects, please stop using the product.

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