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What Kenz Thinks of MELT

What Kenz Thinks of MELT

Product: Melt

I never thought I’d be one to promote a fat burner until I used Melt from Bowmar! I’ve always preached that supplements won’t work unless you do..and that’s still 100% accurate with this product. To lose weight you need to be in a caloric deficit AKA eating less than your body is burning throughout the day. However when you add a caloric deficit & melt you will have amazing results with weight loss speaking from my own experience. Head over to Sarah’s blog for of a more scientifically breakdown on the ingredients and how they work.

I started my cut in February 2021 and Melt launched in I believe March, so I started my cut without the product. When I started implementing Melt daily I noticed a significant difference in my cravings and appetite. If you don’t know me, I basically can eat 24/7 without getting full… so this was a game changer for me! It helped me stay in my caloric deficit by keeping my cravings down even when my calories were at the lowest. I lost 20lbs from February to June with my own hard work…however I don’t think I will be able to do a cut without this product ever again! 


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