Colleen's Favorite Product: Vegan Protein

Colleen's Favorite Product: Vegan Protein

Hi everyone!! 

My personal favorite product made by Bowmar Nutrition is hands down the VEGAN PROTEIN… It bakes better than EVERY other brand I’ve tried, mixes well with hot/cold liquids, and doesn’t sacrifice flavor. 

The vegan blend is also amazing because it doesn’t cause GI upset to those that are lactose intolerant or dairy sensitive. Vegan protein supplements are SO helpful for those looking to incorporate more protein into their daily routine - especially if you’re looking to gain/maintain your lean muscle mass! 

1 scoop averages ~ 20P, 3C, 0F and ranges from 90 - 120 cals… seriously the leanest protein in the game! 

My fave flavors?! - Cookies & cream, blueberry donut, cinnamon cereal, and pb cookie!

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