SHARP Energy vs. SHARP Nootropics: What's the Difference?

SHARP Energy vs. SHARP Nootropics: What's the Difference?

Is SHARP Energy the same as SHARP Nootropics?

What’s the difference between the two? 

We’re here to answer your questions! First, we need to start with the basics: What is SHARP and how does it work? 

SHARP is a nootropic, also known as cognitive enhancer or “brain-booster,” that works with your natural brain chemistry to improve cognitive function and brain wellness. This includes mental focus, clarity, attention, alertness, stress resistance, memory, and more! In case you didn’t pick up on it, SHARP is essentially your secret weapon to optimizing your energy and maintaining a healthy brain.

We offer two different forms of SHARP:

SHARP Nootropics – a powdered supplement that you can add to your liquid of choice and/or mix and match with other supplements. 

SHARP Energy – a carbonated beverage (energy drink) in a ready-to-drink can.

Both of these products contain brain-boosting nootropic ingredients to fuel your mind and energize your body! We know you didn’t come here to hear about how they are the same, you want to know how they differ.

Outside of the obvious, one is liquid and one is powder. Here’s how SHARP Energy is different than SHARP Nootropics:

Caffeine: SHARP Energy contains 100mg of caffeine per can; whereas SHARP Nootropics only contains 75mg of caffeine per scoop. Both use the same incredible naturally sourced caffeine – Guarana Seed Extract. We chose to use Guarana Seed Extract because it’s known to be one of the best sources of clean caffeine. It contains molecules that actually cause the caffeine to release more slowly into the body, so you get a clean boost of energy without the crash or jitters.

Ingredients: While both do contain powerful nootropics, there is one variation amongst the ingredients. You’ll find Choline Bitartrate in SHARP Energy and L-Tyrosine in SHARP Nootropics. Both of these ingredients work in a similar manner by supplying your body with what it needs to produce neurotransmitters (chemical “messengers” the brain uses to send “messages” throughout the body). The reason we needed to make this swap was for mixability. No one wants to drink grainy, powdery liquids. With SHARP Energy being a liquid, we wanted to ensure that y’all could sip on the lip-smackin’ flavors without feeling like you’re inhaling beach water. 

Despite the minute differences between the two products, both SHARP Energy and SHARP Nootropics are formulated to offer you clean, balanced energy, while also supporting healthy brain function and improving your mental focus and clarity. Take your energy and focus to new heights with our SHARP-powered products! 

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Omg just order 2 cans of these sharp nootropic drinks. I wish I would of order more they are amazing. The taste is very refreshing and the strawberry pinapple is right on point can’t wait to order more.

Krystal Bourassa,

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