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BowWow Antler Chews

  • High Mineral Content
  • Good for Dental Health
  • Provides Healthy Coat
  • No Dyes, Preservatives, or Allergens
  • Longer Lasting than Hard-to-Digest Rawhide Chews

All Natural and Organic BowWow Antler Chews are made from 100% North American Deer & Elk Antler. Although the appearance and texture can vary some, the content quality, health benefits and integrity of these chews remains solid. Safe, Natural, Healthy, Odor-free, and Long Lasting.

Reason for the split is for non aggressive chewers to get right to the marrow. Aggressive chewers, we recommend the non-split version.

  • Medium | 11-25 lbs
  • Large | 26-60 lbs
  • Large Split | 26-60 lbs
  • XL | 60+ lbs
  • XL Split | 60+ lbs