Barbie's Supplement Secrets

Barbie's Supplement Secrets

We’re revealing some of Barbie’s best-kept supplement secrets! You may know her as the iconic fashionista with an impeccable sense of style, but we know her as the health-conscious baddie that she really is. And she spilled ALL the tea with us on which products she stands by that help her stay absolutely FABULOUS (said in Jim Carrey’s voice – if you know, you know), so let’s get into it! 

Glowing Skin: 

The question we all want to know the answer to is, “How does Barbie have such beautiful, glowing, ageless skin?” The secret? The supplements listed below! These products work together to promote soft, hydrated, and healthier skin from the inside out by reducing inflammation, improving gut health, and supporting natural collagen production. The glowing, radiant skin we crave is just a few scoops away!


Reds + Purples



Glam Gut:

Barbie knows good and well that if the gut is out of whack, it’s almost a guarantee that everything else will be too! Over 70% of your health is housed in the gut, so it needs to be kept in check. This is where Barbie’s Glam Gut comes in. Together, these products are extremely effective at healing your gut, which in turn, will improve your mood, strengthen your immune system, reduce unwanted bloating, regulate digestion, and boost your energy levels.




Reds + Purples


Immunity Elixir:

We all know Barbie is ALWAYS on-the-go. She’s got things to do, people to see, and events to attend, but how is she able to see all those people and go on so many adventures without getting sick? Her Immunity Elixir of course, packed with the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants her body needs to boost her immune system, stay healthy and function at its best. It’s no wonder Barbie never misses a beat! 

Immunity Support


Reds + Purples


Brain Booster:

Given Barbie’s never-ending agenda and her multitude of roles (career Barbie, student Barbie, workout Barbie, etc.), she has to stay at the top of her game at all times. Being the girls girl that she is, she’s sharing her go-to product for an active lifestyle – SHARP. SHARP is infused with brain-boosting nootropic ingredients that provide you with a clean boost of energy, while also supporting healthy brain function and improving your mental focus and clarity.

As we say, SIP LIKE BARBIE, BE LIKE BARBIE! Thankfully she’s no gatekeeper, so now that you have her supplement secrets, which products are you eyeing to try?

Barbie’s Daily Supplements + Her Favorite Flavors:

1-2x Scoops Collagen (Raspberry Peach)

1-2x Scoops Greens (Peach)

1-2x Scoops Reds + Purples

2x Scoops Glutamine

1x Scoop Immunity Support (Orange)

1x Probiotics Capsule 

1x Scoop Fiber (Sour Cherry)

1x Scoop SHARP (Strawberry Pineapple because it’s pink, duh)

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