What Sets Our PREworkout Apart

What Sets Our PREworkout Apart

Look, we know there are THOUSANDS of pre workouts on the market. If you were to Google “pre workout” right now, there would be well over 83,000,000 different results that come back. That’s a lot of information to sift through to find which one is best, so we thought we’d eliminate all the work for you. Here’s what sets our PREworkout apart from other brands on the market:


When we were creating our PRE, we were determined to design the best PREworkout modern science could create, so we formulated our PREworkouts with the top 10 ingredients clinically proven to promote better blood flow, maximize the pump, increase muscle endurance, and improve concentration. Whether you choose the stim or stim free version of our PRE, every ingredient has a purpose and works to provide you with an unforgettable workout experience (unforgettable is not an overstatement). 

One thing to keep in mind is that Sarah and Josh take our PREworkouts. They aren’t going to settle for anything less than the absolutely best when it comes to the quality of their workouts. 

Caffeine Content:

When creating our PREworkouts, we understood that most people consume a pre workout for the caffeine boost, but at the same time, they don’t want their entire daily caffeine intake to come from a pre. On average, most pre workouts on the market contain at least 300mg of caffeine per serving. It’s almost unheard of for them to have anything less.

As we stated in the previous bullet, we set out to create the best possible PREworkout. One that wasn’t PACKED with caffeine. Primarily for the fact that it isn't necessary. In a high quality pre workout, caffeine should only be a small percentage of the formula. In our stim PRE, caffeine is only 1 of 18 ingredients! This comes out to be 5% of the formula with only 125mg of caffeine per scoop. The other 95% of the formula is what makes our PRE amazing!

We also understood that some people are sensitive to caffeine, prefer to workout at night, OR want to get their caffeine from elsewhere, that’s why we created our stim-free (caffeine-free) PREworkout. It still contains the 10 ingredients clinically proven to provide you with an incredible workout, BUT without the caffeine. Rest assured, no matter which PRE formula you use, both are designed to take your workouts to the next level!

PRO TIP: mix and match our stim and stim-free formulas for half the caffeine, but all the benefits of a clinical dose of PRE!


Have you ever taken a pre workout that has you literally ITCHING to get out of your skin? You either love that feeling or you absolutely hate it. If you love it, you’ll obviously continue to use that pre, but if you hate it then you’re going to find a new brand. 

This is a prime example of why we designed our RAWs line. We understand that PREworkout isn’t a one-size-fits-all product. The idea behind the RAWs line was to allow the customer to add additional ingredients to our PRE that others may not want in their formula. Going back to our initial example, customers who love that itchy, tingly feeling can purchase Beta Alanine (from our RAWs line) and add it to their PREworkout stack. Whereas, those that don’t like that feeling can pass without having to find an entirely new pre workout brand.

The RAWs line is a way to create a custom PREworkout for YOUR preferences, YOUR needs, and YOUR goals. We call it – build a PRE!

If you’d like help determining which products would be best for your PREworkout stack, please take our product quiz geared towards helping you build your PRE. 

All in All:

We didn’t want our PRE to just be “another pre workout.” We wanted it to be your go-to PRE. The one you can take and know without a doubt that your workout is about to be GAS (aka.. amazing). 


LINK TO ORDER – Samples (try before committing to a full tub)

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