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Bowmar Apex Biltong VS Jerky

Bowmar Apex Biltong VS Jerky

Biltong from Bowmar Apex Protein Snacks may look similar to jerky but it is actually extremely different! They are both delicious high protein snacks made from meat, mostly beef, but they are made in very different ways and taste different. Other than their looks, the only similarity is they both use a lot of spices and flavor. Biltong has 16g of protein per serving, NO sugar, NO carbs, NO soy, NO preservatives and LOW fat! On the other hand, most traditional jerky’s have 11g of protein per serving, added sugars, added preservatives, not 100% natural and added nitrates. Apex Biltong has 45% more protein than the leading jerky competitors and is less expensive.

These meat snacks are also made in a completely different way. Biltong is usually left overnight or longer, in vinegar and spices which makes it tender and flavorful. Once the meat is cured, it is then air dried and seasoned. Lastly, it is cut into preferred pieces and ready to be served! Jerky has a different process. First, the meat is cut into slices, then it’s either dried in a dehydrator or put in an oven for about 12 hours. After that process is done, it is soaked in marinade and spices for the flavor. Jerky has a smoky taste and dry texture, whereas Biltong has a softer and chewier texture.

Overall, Bowmar Apex Biltong is a great high protein snack and it will keep you full and energized to give you that extra boost you need on the go!

Apex Biltong can NOW be purchased from both Bowmar Nutrition and Apex Protein Snacks.

6+ delicious flavors!

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