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Bowmar Nutrition Immunity Support vs Immunity Gummies:

Bowmar Nutrition Immunity Support vs Immunity Gummies:

Let's get into the differences between Bowmar Nutrition’s Immunity Support and store bought immunity gummies:


$19.99 for immunity gummies

$29.99 for our immunity support powder 

Both have 30 servings

Vitamin C:

2,400mg TOTAL vitamin C in gummies

54,000mg TOTAL vitamin C in our product

Calories & Carbs:

225 calories per serving VS 20 calories per serving

45g carbs per serving VS 5g carbs per serving

Bowmar Nutrition’s Immunity Support has 22.5 TIMES the amount of vitamin C in the powder supplement than store-bought immunity gummies. Immunity gummies have 80mg vitamin C in 2 gummies at 20 calories and 4g carbs. Bowmar Immunity Support powder has 1800mg vitamin C in one scoop at 20 calories and 5g carbs. You would need to consume 22.5 gummies (11.25 servings) totaling 225 calories to get the same 1800mg of vitamin C that’s in one serving of our powder. Which means you would get less than 3 servings in the gummy form. The total carbs in 11.25 gummy servings would equal 45g carbs versus 5g carbs in one serving of our product for 1800mg vitamin C. To get 54,000mg of vitamin C in gummy form, it would cost you $449.75 OR $29.99 in our powder immunity support product.

Bowmar Nutrition's Immunity Support hasVitamin A, B5, C, D, E, plus Biotin, Magnesium, Zinc and Manganese. Take a scoop or packet a day to keep your immune system in check!

This is a comparable product to “immune” gummies on the market. Don’t believe us? Do your own research next time you’re at the store. This is not meant to bash a particular company’s product, it’s just simply meant to educate consumers about “gummy vitamins”. Bowmar Nutrition labels are 100% accurate with no blends. We list all ingredients with all dosages and we also use clinical dosages of all ingredients.


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