Your PRE, Your Way

Your PRE, Your Way

BUILD YOUR PRE, YOUR WAY. 💪⚡️ We understand that PREworkout isn't a one size fits all product, that's why we created our RAWs line which allows you to customize your PREworkout stack to your needs and goals! Below, we shared what products are included in our RAWs line and how they can help level up your lifts:

PRE contains the top 10 ingredients clinically proven to promote better blood flow, maximize the pump, increase muscle endurance, and improve concentration. These ingredients work together to provide the best possible workout experience. We set out to create the best PRE workout modern science could create, and we truly believe after one workout you’ll be hooked for life! There’s an option for everyone with both our non-stimulant and stimulant formulas. Both formulas provide the same benefits, but there are several ingredients that are not included in the non-stim formula such as caffeine, other stimulants, and a few vitamins. For a full breakdown, click here. If you are caffeine/stimulant sensitive, workout at night, or want to consume your caffeine elsewhere, we suggest our non-stim PRE.

Citrapeak Capsules are vasodilators derived from citrus and contain no caffeine or stimulants. This product increases blood circulation through vasodilation (the opening of the blood vessels,) which delivers blood and nutrients to working muscles, giving you a maximum pump effect. It also increases muscle strength and endurance, helping you lift heavier weights and increase reps!

Beta Alanine is a non-essential amino acid that reduces lactic acid accumulation in the muscles by increasing carnosine production. This increase will improve training and performance by fatigue reduction and increased muscle endurance.

*Disclaimer: this product can cause paresthesia, which is a tingly / itchy feeling, usually in the face, lips, ears, and hands. It is temporary, but we know this feeling is not preferred by all.*

Glutamine helps with muscle repair after exercise, improves gut health, and supports the immune system. This is a conditional non-essential amino acid that can be produced by the body; however, during times of stress our bodies are unable to keep up with the demand, causing a deficiency. By supplementing with this product during those times, one can ensure their body receives the glutamine needed to meet the demand.

Creatine13 is a naturally occurring chemical in every human being and is stored in muscle cells, the brain, and kidneys. Creatine helps produce ATP, which is an energy source used by the muscle. Higher ATP production means increased muscle endurance and strength, larger muscles, and more gains. By taking Creatine13, you will improve the quality of your workouts, prevent fatigue, and massively improve your strength.

Caffeine Capsules contain 100mg of caffeine per capsule sourced from non GMO InnovaTea®. These are a convenient way to get a clean, awakening energy boost without the crash or any additional calories, sugars, or digestive issues. Pair them with any of our non-stimulant PRE workouts to form a stimulant based PRE.

 If you’d like help determining which products would be best for your PREworkout stack, please take our  product quiz geared towards helping you build your PRE. No matter what products are included in your stack, they are all intended to be consumed 15-30 minutes prior to your workout! 

You’re going to need some FIRE workouts to go along with your PREworkout stack, check out our  Workout Library dedicated to providing y’all with free workouts. Whether you're a beginner who needs an easy place to start, a seasoned sweat-vet who wants to try something new, or someone who likes to add a little ✨spice✨ to your routine — rest assured there's a workout to choose from!

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