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  1. Hot Chocolate:

Shocking right? You can make a delicious protein hot chocolate that still tastes like your regular hot chocolate. Making Hot Chocolate with Bowmar Nutrition's Protein gives you way less sugar than a regular cup of hot chocolate and is also low in carbs and high in protein! All you need is: Bowmar Nutrition protein hot chocolate, hot water or your choice of milk (whole, 2%, almond, oat, etc) and if you want; some whipped cream, marshmallows and/or sprinkles. This is such a good alternative to regular hot chocolate, with less sugar and more of the good stuff!

      2. Chocolate Milk:

All you need is: Bowmar Nutrition Protein Hot Chocolatepowder, your choice of milk (whole, 2%, almond, oat, etc), rapid mixer to get the perfect smooth texture and whipped cream if you want. The key is to use the rapid mixer while pouring the powder into the milk. This makes it so smooth! You can even add our Collagen Peptides for some extra protein and nutrients. With the Collagen Peptides you will also want to use the rapid mixer to make sure it mixes smoothly. If you don’t have a rapid mixer, you can also use a shaker cup as a good alternative.


      3. Mocha Latte

This one is such a great alternative to your normal coffee shop mocha latte, with way more protein and very low carbs. It also has WAY less sugar. If you haven’t tried adding protein powder to your coffee, you are missing out! You can add whipped cream on top as well! Another tip with protein coffee is that if you use the rapid mixer, it leaves the top with a soft foam texture and you don't even need to to add milk! You can even add Bowmar Nutrition Protein Hot Chocolate into your cold brews or iced coffees! This is so great if you like sweet coffee but don't want to drink all the calories and sugar.

      4. Chocolate Shake:

If you have a sweet tooth, this just might be perfect for you. Bowmar Nutrition's Protein Hot Chocolatemakes a great chocolate shake! If you love milkshakes, just add ice, your choice of milk (whole, 2%, almond, oat, etc), and a scoop of Hot Chocolate Protein Powder and Blend. Once that is blended, you can add whipped cream and sprinkles. It is delicious! You can also make a shake without milk and just use water. Protein milk shakes are perfect for getting rid of those sweet cravings.

     5. Baked goods

You can add Bowmar Nutrition Protein Hot Chocolate powder into so many things, including baked goods. You can add it into your protein waffles/pancakes for some extra protein. You can also add it to protein muffins or protein oatmeal cookies. There are so many baked goods that you can sneak protein powder into, especially if you like chocolate!

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