The Scoop on What People are Saying About Our Collagen

The Scoop on What People are Saying About Our Collagen

Bowmar Nutrition’s product collection is extensive. Many of which, we’d say are wellness must-haves, but there are a few in particular that we simply can’t imagine going a day without and we can assure you, our customers would attest!


Every month, THOUSANDS of unique customers choose to make collagen a part of their daily wellness routine to reap all the incredible benefits and revitalize their bodies from the inside out. From our OG unflavored Collagen Peptides to our Protein Fudge Brownies, there’s a collagen or collagen-infused product to help you give your body the nutrients it needs no matter what mood you’re in!

Keep scrolling to get the scoop on what people really think of our buzz-worthy essentials and why they should be part of YOUR daily wellness routine!

OG Collagen Peptides (Unflavored):


Caramel Collagen Peptides:


Raspberry Peach Collagen Peptides:


Protein Brownies and Blondies:


Protein Cookies:


Bowmar Butters: 



Want to learn more about these products? Your Guide to Our Collagen Products.

So, did you find out which collagen product(s) you should *add to your cart*?! 


The collagen products work! I say go for it! Try it once, at least, if you are looking to have better skin. I enjoy all Bowmar products, but I want to send a shout-out specifically about the collagen. Great stuff!! Thanks!

Jesse Burgardt ,

Just got a deal starter kit for free. Amazing amount and variety of products. I just took MELT it’s works! I mean energy and thermogenic effect wise. Oh, delivery was 1 day! Thank you! I definitely will start buy they products:)


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