How to Have the Best Experience Shopping Our Black Friday Sale

How to Have the Best Experience Shopping Our Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is our BIGGEST and BEST sale of the year! Y’all get so excited for it and we start to see messages come in several weeks prior asking for all the details. The hype certainly is real and we want to ensure you are as prepared as possible, so your checkout experience is as easy and seamless as can be. We know you have several other sales you want to hit so the sooner you can get through our checkout, the sooner you’ll be off making your rounds to your other favorite sites! 

Below we have provided y’all with a Bowmar Black Friday prep guide to help you have an anxiety free shopping experience! Let’s get into it:

Make a List:

Going into a sale not knowing what you want is a rookie mistake, especially our Black Friday Sale. It’s crucial that you go into the sale with a list of the items you are wanting. Making a list will expedite the checkout process. We suggest making your list as soon as we have announced the deals or at least the day before the sale starts. 

Load Your Cart:

Using the list you created, you can plan to start loading your cart NO SOONER than 30 minutes prior to the start of the sale. We do not recommend loading it any sooner as there’s a possibility that your cart will be emptied, which would be tragic and definitely put a damper on your shopping experience right out of the gate.

Log Into Your BN Account:

Being logged into your account come sale time will make the process quick and easy. Especially if you plan on using your rewards points. Speaking of which…

Prepare Your Discount Codes: 

Bowmar Rewards will work – make sure if you’re planning on using a reward to redeem it prior to the sale and have the code handy to apply easily at checkout. It’s important to note that the system will only allow for ONE discount code per order. No exceptions.

If you’d like to support an athlete AND use one of your rewards, please shop through their personal support link. This will allow you to support them while also taking advantage of one of your rewards. 

*Gift Cards are not rewards – they are considered a form of payment.*

Have Your Payment Ready:

Whether you're paying with a credit/debit card, gift card, Apple Pay, PayPal, or other form of payment, it’s important that you have it ready prior to the sale. This will allow you to fly through the checkout process.

If you plan on using a gift card, our system will allow for up to two gift cards to be used on one order. Our support team can combine gift cards for you if needed, but please email in prior to the sale. 

Check Out No Matter What Errors You See:

If there’s an error in your cart (i.e. a discount won’t apply correctly, your free gifts aren’t ringing in as free, etc.), CHECKOUT ANYWAY. Our support team is incredible and here to help with any order issues, but they will be slammed on Black Friday. We don’t anticipate you running into any issues, but if one arises, it’s best to checkout to ensure you get everything you’re shopping for. Afterwards, you can email our support team with any order issues to have them corrected. 

We hope this prep guide helps you prepare for our BEST SALE OF THE YEAR! If you have any questions, be sure to leave a comment, DM us, or email in to our support team.

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