How to Have the Best Experience Shopping Our Black Friday Sale

How to Have the Best Experience Shopping Our Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is our BIGGEST and BEST sale of the year and it’s almost here! 

To ensure your shopping experience is as smooth and seamless as can be, we have prepared y’all a Bowmar Black Friday prep guide! We know you have several other sales you want to hit, so the sooner you can get through our checkout, the sooner you’ll be off making your rounds to your other favorite sites! Let’s get into it:

Make a List:

Going into a sale not knowing what you want is a rookie mistake, especially our Black Friday Sale. Inventory is limited and only available while supplies last. Basically what we’re saying is – if you want it, add it to your list because if you don’t scoop it up, someone else will! 

You can make a wish list on our Bowmar Nutrition app – download it here.

We suggest using your girl math skills and planning your purchase now or at least the day before the sale starts. PS: keep reading for our “secret formula” to getting the best deal.

Prepare Your Discount Codes: 

There are a few different discount codes you can use during our Black Friday sale:

Bowmar Rewards: 

Yes, your Bowmar Rewards WILL stack on top of all the insane Black Friday deals. If you’re planning on using a reward, redeem it prior to the sale and have the code handy to apply easily at checkout. 

Exclusive Discounts:

You probably guessed it – exclusive discounts will also work and stack on top of the deals! We offer exclusive discounts for first responders, healthcare workers, military, teachers, truck drivers, and students. 

During our sale, the exclusive discount will be $5 off your purchase. It’s an automatic discount, so you won’t need to add it at checkout as it will automatically apply.

Sign up for the discount here

Athlete Codes:

Have an athlete or affiliate that you’d like to support? We love that (and we know they do too)! Athletes codes will provide you with an additional $5 off your order during our sale.

Please note, if you’d like to support an athlete AND use one of your rewards, please shop through their personal support link. This will allow you to support them while also taking advantage of one of your rewards. 

*Our system will only allow for ONE discount code per order. No exceptions.

*Gift Cards are not rewards – they are considered a form of payment.

Log Into Your BN Account:

This one might seem silly, but being logged into your account come sale time will make the checkout process quick and easy, especially if you plan on using your rewards points or exclusive discount! You don’t want to hassle with it after the sale has already started. 

Have Your Payment Ready:

Whether you're paying with a credit/debit card, gift card, Apple Pay, PayPal, or other form of payment, just have it ready prior to the sale. Again, you want a hassle free shopping experience. Having your payment ready makes it that much easier! 

If you plan on using a gift card, our system will allow for up to two gift cards to be used on one order. Our support team can combine gift cards for you if needed, but please email in prior to the sale –

Load Your Cart:

That list you made? Yeah, it just expedited your checkout process! 

Using said list, you can start loading your cart about 30 minutes prior to the start of the sale. We do not recommend loading it any sooner as there’s a possibility that your cart will be emptied, which would actually be tragic and definitely put a damper on your shopping experience!

Check Out No Matter What Errors You See:

Once the sale starts, it’s pure madness for everyone involved – you, me, customer support, and the rest of our team.

If there’s an error in your cart (i.e. a discount won’t apply correctly, your free gifts aren’t ringing in as free, etc.), CHECK. OUT. ANYWAY. Our support team is incredible and here to help with any order issues, but they will be slammed on Black Friday. Our team doesn't anticipate you running into any issues, but if one arises, it’s best to checkout to ensure you get everything you’re shopping for. Afterwards, you can email our support team with any order issues to have them corrected. 

Our Recipe for the BEST Deal:

We went ahead and flexed our girl math for you! Follow these steps to ensure you get the best possible deal while shopping our best sale of the year:

Step 1:

Shop through our Bowmar Nutrition app. We are handing out a free gift with every purchase over $100.

Heads up: there will be a “free gift” banner in your cart prior to checkout. Tap that to choose your free gift and add it to your cart. This is the only way to receive a free gift – it will not be automatically added at a warehouse. 

Step 2:

Get a free $20 gift card. How? Shop within the first 30 minutes of our sale (November 13th from 12-12:30PM EST). It’s as simple as that. 

Step 3: 

Once you’ve finished adding all your goodies to your cart, ensure your cart subtotal (at checkout) is OVER $200. If it’s over $200, you’ll receive an EXTRA 20% off your order. PLUS, a $15 gift card (for spending over $100) and free express shipping. 

Let’s do some math:

If your cart subtotal is $200 exactly, you’ll receive 20% off. 20% of $200 is $40. Instead of paying $200, you’d only pay $160 + you’d get a free $15 gift card. If your cart is subtotal is $199, you won’t get the extra 20% off. Instead you’d pay $199, so you’re spending more to not have at least $200 of product in your cart. 

Let’s recap this recipe:

  • Shop through our app and spend over $100 – get a free gift.
  • Shop within the first 30 minutes of the sale – get a free $20 gift card.
  • Make sure cart subtotal is over $200 AFTER discounts – get an additional 20% off + a $15 gift card + free express shipping. 

If you shop through our app within the first 30 minutes of the sale and spend over $200 AFTER discounts apply, you’ll receive a free gift, $15 gift card, $20 gift card, express shipping, and an extra 20% off your order.

Are You Ready?

We hope this guide + our “secret formula” helps you prepare for our BEST SALE OF THE YEAR! If you have any questions, leave a comment.


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