Black Friday FAQs

Black Friday FAQs

Q: If something doesn’t look right in my cart, what should I do? 

If you’re on our website, first try refreshing the webpage. For the Bowmar Nutrition app, try exiting and reopening the app.

We anticipate a large amount of traffic to the site and our app. If you’re still having issues, check out anyway. It’s best to checkout to ensure you get everything you’re shopping for. Afterwards, you can email our support team with any order issues or discrepancies to have them resolved. 


Q: Can I use my Bowmar Nutrition rewards?

Bowmar Rewards will stack on top of the other deals, but it’s important to note that the system will only allow for ONE discount code per order. No exceptions.

If you’d like to support an athlete AND use one of your rewards, please shop through their personal support link. This will allow you to support them while also taking advantage of one of your rewards. 

Manage your rewards here

Q: Am I able to use a gift card?

Yes! If you plan on using a gift card, our system will allow for up to two gift cards to be used on one order. Our support team can combine gift cards for you if needed, but please email in prior to the sale. 

*Gift cards are not rewards – they are considered a form of payment.*

Q: Can I use other coupons or discount codes?

Discounts codes from prior email campaigns will NOT work during our Black Friday Sale. The only codes that will be active are reward codes, athlete codes, and our exclusive discount (automatic discount).

Please note, our system only allows for ONE code per order.

Q: To receive the extra 20% off does my order total need to be $200 before or after discounts?

In order to receive the additional 20% off for spending over $200, your cart subtotal must be $200 AFTER any discounts are applied.

Q: To receive the $15 gift card, does my order total need to be $100 before or after the discount?

In order to receive the $15 gift card, your cart subtotal must be $100 AFTER any discounts are applied.

*ONE $15 gift card per customer.

Q: How do I know if I qualified to receive the free $20 gift card for ordering in the first 30 minutes? 

Check your confirmation email to see what time your order was placed. If it was placed between 12:00PM and 12:30PM EST on November 13th, then you will receive the free $20 gift card via email within one business day. 

*ONE $20 gift card per customer.

Q: Is the exclusive discount an extra $5 off on top of the normal 10%? 

On top of all of the deals during our Black Friday sale, those who are eligible for the exclusive discount will ONLY receive an extra $5 off their order. 

First responders, healthcare workers, military, teachers, students, and truck drivers qualify for the exclusive discount. Sign up here.

Q: When will the free gift card(s) get sent out?

If your order qualifies for a free gift card, it will be sent via email the next business day after your order was placed.

Q: How do I receive a free gift through the Bowmar Nutrition app? 

Free gifts are based on cart total. Here’s how to claim a FREE GIFT:

  • Download our app
  • Add all desired products to your cart
  • Make sure your cart is over $100
  • Tap the “free gift” banner at checkout
  • Choose from a variety of free gifts and add to your cart
  • “Free Gift” discount will apply automatically at checkout

 *Free gifts are available while supplies last. No rain checks given. One free gift per order. Must shop through our app to get the free gift.*

*Only items added through our “free gift” banner will be discounted. If you have items that are also free gift options, please remove them from your cart and add them through the banner. *

Q: Can I load my cart prior to the sale? 

You can start loading your cart NO SOONER than 30 minutes prior to the start of the sale. We do not recommend loading it any sooner as there’s a possibility that your cart will be emptied.

Q: What’s the minimum for free international shipping?

During the sale, all international orders over $200 USD will receive free shipping. All deals listed here are in USD.

Q: Will there be any restocks for the sale?

We will not have any additional restocks prior to or during the sale.

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