How to Improve Your Digestion

How to Improve Your Digestion

Many people struggle with unhealthy digestion and this can come from many different sources. Such as; poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, food sensitivities, infections and much more. Finding the source of the issue is the hardest part, we have a few tips to help you get started on bettering your digestive system:

  • Get an adequate amount of sleep (8+ hours)
  • Drink a gallon of water a day to stay hydrated
  • Try eating clean/single ingredient foods can help improve your digestion health
  • Stay away from too many processed foods

Another great way to improve your digestion is to try seeing how certain foods make you feel and pay extra attention to how you feel when you don’t eat certain foods that you usually do!

Bowmar Nutrition also offers many supplements that can help improve your digestion. Let’s dive into each one:

Colon Cleanse: If you often feel sick, tired, bloated or constipated, this is a great product for you! This supplement helps remove toxins from your colon, improves regularity and this product is a great way to support your body's natural cleansing and detoxifying processes. It is not a laxative and it wont cause dependency if you stop taking them. This is an everyday product! To learn more about this product in depth CLICK HERE. Colon Cleanse is also a great pairing with: probiotics and fiber. They work together to make the best team for your overall digestive health.

Probiotics: This supplement can benefit anyone and everyone, probiotics are live and friendly bacteria which are naturally present in your digestive tract. You can lose these natural probiotics in your body from stress,  antibiotics, and gastrointestinal disturbances. Supplementing probiotics helps reduce bloating and improves healthy digestion.

Fiber: You should be intaking roughly 14g of fiber for every 1,000 calories you eat, if you aren't getting enough from your food (which you probably aren’t), supplementing it can be a great option for you! Fiber removes toxins, improves regularity and reduces bloating. If you feel irregular or bloated often, this could be a great option for you.

Glutamine: This supplement has many benefits such as; supporting your immune system, improving gut health and muscle recovery assistance. Glutamine is an amino acid that our bodies naturally produce. Being stressed out in our everyday life can decrease the L-glutamine storage in our muscles. This is why it is a great addition to your everyday supplements!

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