Crystal's Favorite Bowmar Nutrition Products

Crystal's Favorite Bowmar Nutrition Products

My everyday Bowmar cocktail that I can’t part with consists of collagen, berry greens, orange immunity, orange essentials, and glutamine. Due to my busy schedule, I only open these containers once per week and put the ingredients in a daily container. I take 5 with me to work on Monday. Just like prepping my food I prep my supplements too. I love this because now I never miss a day. 

Collagen has done wonders for my skin and hair. See attached pic of my chest acne pre/post supplementing with collagen. This cocktail has also helped tremendously with my allergies and gut health. I believe this comes from the collagen, greens and glutamine. I have always had severe seasonal allergies. I was at the point where I would take 1-2 Zyrtec a day and a Benadryl every night spring thru fall. Guess what?! This year I took maybe two Zyrtec the entire year and no Benadryl. It’s seriously been life changing for me. The immunity has helped keep me healthy. I have two kids in school who are constantly bringing home something, and I seem to be the only one who never gets sick.  I work as a therapist in a long-term care setting. Nearly everyone around me has had COVID.  I have been exposed numerous times. I have been tested twice a week since this pandemic started and have never tested positive nor had any COVID symptoms that I am aware of. The essentials I use for recovery, flavor, and combine with
my collagen to make it a complete protein. The orange is my favorite flavor and pairs perfectly with the orange immunity. 

My other Bowmar favorites include: colon cleanse, orange juice and spicy pineapple PRE, beta alanine, whey hot chocolate, whey strawberry milkshake, vegan cinnamon cereal, blue raspberry melt, apple juice sharp, cherry fiber, cookie butter, and zesty garlic steak strips.

- Crystal Trusty 

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