PRE: Stim vs Stim-Free

PRE: Stim vs Stim-Free

Have you ever wanted to workout at night but don’t want to risk taking your PREworkout because it contains caffeine? We all know that taking caffeine later in the afternoon can make it harder for some to wind down and sleep, been there, experienced that. That’s why we formulated TWO different PREworkouts: our stimulant PRE and our stimulant-free PRE. 

I think it’s fair to say that the majority of people who use PREworkout assume they are primarily taking it for an energy boost; however, in a high quality PRE caffeine should only be a small percentage of the formula. In our stim PRE, caffeine is only 1 of 18 ingredients! This comes out to be 5% of the formula with 125 mg of caffeine per scoop. As you can see, the 17 ingredients remaining – the other 95% of the formula is what makes our PRE amazing!

With that being said, when it comes to our stim-free PRE despite the removal of caffeine and a few other ingredients, you can be certain this formula still contains 10 incredible ingredients that make it just as impactful as our stim PRE!

We had to remove a handful of ingredients such as caffeine, other stimulants, and a few vitamins as they were no longer needed after the removal of the stimulants. 

For example, caffeine can deplete vitamins such as B6 along with several others, so in our stim PRE to avoid said depletion we have added these vitamins back in, but you won’t see them included in our stim-free version as they are no longer necessary. 

Like we mentioned, our stim-free PRE is great for those that prefer to workout at night, but don’t want to consume caffeine that late in the day (most of us prefer not to be #teamnosleep). However, our stim-free PRE is also perfect for those who are caffeine/stimulant sensitive or prefer to get their caffeine elsewhere (like pop, coffee, etc…). 

Rest assured, no matter which PRE formula you use both are designed to promote better blood flow, maximize the pump, increase muscle endurance, and improve concentration. You’ll still reap all the incredible benefits they have to offer and be able to take your workouts to the next level!

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