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Protein Coffee with Bowmar Nutrition:

Protein Coffee with Bowmar Nutrition:

There are so many different and creative ways to make protein coffee. There are even many benefits that go along with it! Maybe this will become something you can enjoy everyday, as well as many of our other customers.  First let’s cover the benefits of drinking protein coffee in the morning;

  • Keeps you more full throughout the day
  • Curbs random cravings
  • It canaid in weight loss and it can be a meal replacement
  • Low carb, high protein
  • Amazing replacement for coffee creamer

Now let’s get into the fun part, making the coffee. There are countless ways to make a great coffee, let’s dive into it;

Iced Coffee/Latte- Iced coffees can be made in many ways, maybe you like cold brew, iced lattes(espresso & milk), or maybe you just like regular brewed coffee but iced! If you are one of these people, you can add one scoop of protein powder to your coffee to make it have a little more flavor and sweetness! The best way to blend into cold coffee is using a hand mixer or Bowmar Nutritions rapid mixer, you can even use a shaker cup if that is more convenient for you. Once it is mixed together, add ice!

Hot Coffee/Latte- If you like a regular brewed hot coffee or hot lattes, try adding a scoop of protein powder instead of creamer. It mixes super easily and adds the perfect amount of sweetness to make your morning coffee cozy and delicious! You can just add one scoop and we recommend using a hand mixer for this one as well. We also recommend waiting until the coffee is at a drinkable temperature before adding in the scoop of protein powder!

Frappuccino: This is a fun and delicious way to make your morning coffee, cold coffee. Put the coffee into aBowmar Blender or any other blender. Add a scoop of protein powder, add ice (if you want it to be thicker add extra ice) and blend!

Foam Top Coffee- This is a fun and easy way to make coffee and you can do it with either hot or cold coffee! Once you have your coffee ready to go, use a hand mixer (or ourrapid mixer) with a little milk and a scoop of protein powder and mix until it is a foamy consistency which takes a little longer than just regular mixing. Then pour it on the top of your coffee and it’s topped with delicious flavored foam!

If you like the creaminess of regular creamer, our protein powder also has a creamy consistency when mixed with coffee, but if you wanted a little more you could add whip cream on top or even a splash of milk of your choice!

Bowmar Nutrition is known for the sweet and delicious flavors, which can be perfect for your coffee! You can use Bowmar Nutritions Whey Protein Powder, Vegan Protein Powder or Dairy Free Protein Powder. 

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